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Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset


Sound. Sound influences almost everything we experience. From the sound of a gentle wind, a babbling brook or an AK-47 being fired in your direction. Sound has a lot to do with the way we react. The devices we use to listen to sounds, such as speakers, headsets, earbuds, etc. must be able to reproduce the sounds accurately. Speakers that ... Read More »

VisionTek CandyBoard Mini Wing Keyboard Review


We are continuously finding new ways and new places to us PCs. These uses include home theater PCs (HTPC), small form factor PCs, heck even the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have been designed for more than just a gaming system. With the Xbox and PlayStation, a controller can be used but it can be a little bit of ... Read More »

AMD Athlon 5350 Kabini AM1 APU Review

AMD Athlon 5350 Kabini

In the global market computing isn’t just about power or speed. Not everyone is concerned with purchasing the latest top tier CPU and in some countries, others just simply cannot afford to purchase such products. In developing countries users have asked for components that are low cost but can still be upgraded. With the previous generation of products, the CPU ... Read More »

Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel Review

Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel

With the availability of smaller and faster components, we constantly push the limits on what components we can stuff into small computer systems. The mini ITX form factor for example, is sized by the motherboard which comes in a 17 cm x 17 cm. Take a  Haswell CPU and you’ve got a pretty powerful portable gaming rig. But, how do ... Read More »

Rosewill RGS-108P POE Gigabit Network Switch

Rosewill RGS-108P Unmanaged 4x PoE

A computer network is a very important function in our daily lives. If you think about it practically everything you interact with is or at some point was part of a computer network. Computer networks allow us to stay connected  to whatever we are doing. You cell phone for example, is part of a computer network. The network signals are ... Read More »

AMD A10-7850K Kaveri APU Processor Review

AMD Kaveri

Back in 2011, AMD released their APU line of processors. The APU features a processor and a “powerful” GPU on the same chip. The on-board GPU in the APU line is considerably less powerful than its desktop component counterpart, but more powerful than other comparable integrated graphic products. In the beginning 2014, AMD released the new Kaveri APU. The new APU ... Read More »

Cougar CMX V3 850W Power Supply Overview

COUGAR_CMX_ Series-001

Power supplies play a critical role in the PC. It provides all the necessary power to run everything inside the computer. In order for everything to function correctly, the power supply must be able to deliver clean reliable power to all the components and efficiency levels that are not going to cost ton to run, especially under intense loads. With ... Read More »

Rosewill R-Studio Ampbox Bluetooth Speaker Review

rosewill amp box

Bluetooth accessories have been selling like gang busters recently. There is a wide variety of bluetooth accessories on the market right now, from ear pieces to bluetooth adapters that will read the codes in your vehicle. Bluetooth desktop speakers allow the user to broadcast their audio, such as Pandora or Spotify directly to the speaker. Most built in speakers on ... Read More »

Thermaltake Volos Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake Volos

For years Thermaltake has been a popular manufacture of PC parts and accessories. The products included such things as CPU coolers, cases, and case fans. Over the last few years Thermaltake has taken a great interest in eSports and have launched a line of gaming accessories under the Tt eSPORT line. The esports line featured products such as keyboards, mice, ... Read More »

Cooler Master Glacer 240L All In One Liquid CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Glacer 240L CPU Cooler

Water cooling for PCs is not something new and has been around for several years. In the past if you wanted to use water cooling you would have to locate and purchase the individual parts and assemble them, fill the system up with coolant, and leak test it. Recently there has been a surge in All in one, or AIO ... Read More »