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Featured Case Mods

You will see the best case mods and the case modders that have built them featured here.

Fallout 4 Case Mod by Dewayne Carel

Fallout 4 Case Mod

Some of you probably remember my Fallout 3 case mod I did a few years ago that was popular with many of the fans of the game. It was so popular that NVIDIA wanted the case mod to give away and was a featured mod …

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DOOM 2016 Case Mod by Dewayne Carel


It’s not everyday that you get a chance to build a case mod for one of the largest game producers let alone one based off a game that changed the way we play games today. Since we run the case modding contest at QuakeCon I …

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Project Eris by Darwin PC

Project Eris by Darwin PC

One of the things we link to do here at Modders-Inc is to showcase others mastery in case modding. There are so many different styles and process that in each one you can see the personality of the person who creates them. This goes forward …

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Project Alternate PC-in-a-Desk by Robert Deluce #CMCASEMOD2016

Project Alternate by Robert Deluce

The relationship between the user and their PC is an unusual one, almost like an owner to a pet. There is a lot more that goes on emotionally than simply spending the money and putting one together, that is why customizing a system completely with …

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The Wells Fargo Stage Coach by MPC #CMCASEMOD2016

Wells Fargo Stage Coach by MPC

Casemods come in various shapes and sizes. That is why seeing one always manages to surprise in some way because there’s a creative soul behind each one. While not all may understand the reason or the drive to create the mod, the passion poured in …

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Ragnar’s Revenge by Ali Abbas #CMCASEMOD2016

Ragnar's Revenge by Ali Abbas

The scope of the Cooler Master casemod event is worldwide, enticing amateurs and professional modders alike. While it is a great way for those new to the hobby to make a name for themselves and show their projects, it also attracts the best of the …

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Star Wars Power Cell Station by Ken Byrnes #CMCASEMOD2016

Star Wars Power Cell by Zenator

Ken “Zenator” Byrnes is new to case modding but his work shows some impressive creative choices as observed on his Star Wars Power Cell Station scratch-build mod. Believe it or not, this is Ken’s only second casemod, his first being a Fallout 4 tower-mod featured …

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DeLorean Casemod by Marc Molella


The original DMC-12 DeLorean was only in production for a short period of time but it lives forever, immortalized in film and in pop-culture by the Back to the Future movie series. Even after 30 years, the DMC-12’s iconic design is recognized anywhere and continues …

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Green Molecule by Alex Ciobanu


The art of modding involves knowing what to hide just as much as it is knowing what to show. Take something like cable management for instance, where great effort is placed on hiding unnecessary wires away from view, resulting in a cleaner look. To average …

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Boom Box by Shane McAnally

02 - 3kEi99G

On any other medium, a large white area signifies a blank canvas but when it comes to cases, a white surface somehow makes the build much more organic looking. Perhaps because it symbolizes cleanliness and that the natural state of a computer system is a …

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