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Case Modding How-To

Do you want to learn how to do your own case modding. Then check out our case modding how to’s and be on your to computer modding

Painting Steps to Achieve That Perfect Finish


Creativity drives us to be different. Or does it? Does our mind realize that we are being creative, or is this just normality, outside the norm of what people consider normal? Is creativity just inherent in some, but abnormal for others that cannot fathom these …

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How To Cut a Fan Hole In Acrylic: Hole Saw


Acrylic is a material used very often in case modding. It also comes in many forms and can be purchased from many places as can be seen in a previous Modder’s Inc article Acrylic: A Case Modder’s Material. When working with acrylic you will quickly …

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Harsh Lessons of Paint: Don’t Pray, Spray

IMG_0592 - Copy

Spray paint cans can be inconsistent. There can be insufficient pressure from a clogged stem, the nozzles can become obstructed and sputter, and sometimes you just forget to shake the can enough. Just one of these issues can lead to an inconsistent cloud of paint, and …

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Making a Better Case Mod

Cooler Master Case Mod

You have been bitten by the modding bug and you have finished your first case mod from either a Plain-Jane or pre-modded case. You added a LED lighted fan, mastered the spray can one color case change, but it is just not what you wanted …

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Harsh Lessons of Paint: Poppin’ Paint Cans


Spray paint cans are a remarkably stable combination of high pressure gasses and flammable chemicals. However, this stability can be seriously compromised by exposing the can to unusual situations. For example, here’s what a hot Texas sun can do to an innocent can of Rust-oleum primer: …

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Modder’s Tools: Keeping Your Face Free of Flying Debris


High speed cutting tools are powerful staples of fabrication and modding, and require equally effective safety equipment. Ceramic cutting wheels can shatter in an instant, and cutting metal or plastic throws out a spray of eyeball-injuring particles. Wearing safety glasses or a face shield is a must. I view the …

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Monsoon Modular Reservoir System (MMRS) Assembly How-To

Monsoon Reservoir System Assembly How-To

Nick Blackwell our resident water cooling nut, was able to get his hands on the press release models of Monsoon’s new MMRS (Monsoon Modular Radiator System) so we could have them on display at the booth during Quakecon 2015.  He has now acquired some of …

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Harsh Lessons of Paint: Savage Solvents


To put it simply, spray paint is a pressurized can filled with paint and solvent. Certain plastics and rubbers will dissolve in these solvents, meaning spray paints can sometimes unexpectedly ruin your materials. Below is a dramatic example of what spray paint solvent can do to foam: This is pink insulation …

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Harsh Lessons of Paint: Overspray Will Ruin Your Life

20150704_011819 - Copy

Whenever you use spray paint, you’re creating a small cloud of paint particles. This cloud can settle on nearby surfaces, coating everything in dust or still-wet paint.  This undesired migration of particles is called overspray, and it’s a nightmarish issue in many different industries. For example, here’s what …

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How to do a Digital Camo Paint Job


OK, so you have your ultra awesome themed PC built but there is just something missing. Customizing your peripherals is another way to take your build to the next level. In this project, I am going to show you how to paint your keyboard and …

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