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Featured Case Mods

You will see the best case mods and the case modders that have built them featured here.

DeLorean Casemod by Marc Molella


The original DMC-12 DeLorean was only in production for a short period of time but it lives forever, immortalized in film and in pop-culture by the Back to the Future movie series. Even after 30 years, the DMC-12’s iconic design is recognized anywhere and continues ...

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Green Molecule by Alex Ciobanu


The art of modding involves knowing what to hide just as much as it is knowing what to show. Take something like cable management for instance, where great effort is placed on hiding unnecessary wires away from view, resulting in a cleaner look. To average ...

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Boom Box by Shane McAnally

02 - 3kEi99G

On any other medium, a large white area signifies a blank canvas but when it comes to cases, a white surface somehow makes the build much more organic looking. Perhaps because it symbolizes cleanliness and that the natural state of a computer system is a ...

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Cosmos Cruizer by Brian “Boddaker” Carter


It is one thing to see a completed art work in front of you and admire its excellence, but it is another thing entirely to see it built from scratch to finish. It is not just what you see in front of you that is ...

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The Green Way by Hostiti Modding

The Green Way by Hostiti Modding

Inspiration for modding projects can come from a variety of places. Even something as simple as picking a color for a theme or as bold as going against a popular trend can be a good way to start a creative modding activity. For Etienne Hostein ...

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Conspiracy Theory by Bob Skelton

Conspiracy Theory by Robert Skelton

Robert Skelton’s project takes design cues from the early 60’s, when the space race was in full swing and the conventional limitations of design at the time were almost literally out of this world. Modifying an Alienware case, he has built a system based on ...

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Project Sabertooth (CM Cosmos II SE) by Mhike “TantricModz” Samsin

Project Sabertooth

Around this time last year, Cooler Master’s annual casemod competition was in full swing with plenty of exciting entries from all over the world competing for the top prize. Mhike “TantricModz” Samsin’s Project Sabertooth took home 1st place honors in the tower category with a ...

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Streamliner Case by Dmitry Mayorov

Aio's Streamliner Case mod

While case mods are works of art by themselves, Aio aka Dmitry Mayorov from St. Petersburg, Russia takes it one step further with his awesome and detailed casemod build logs on YouTube. Using stop motion animation, Dmitry chronicles each of his modding project from start ...

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Freddy Krueger Node 804 Casemod by Nick Blackwell


Not since Mr. Rogers and Bing Crosby has there been a more iconic sweater-wearer than Freddy Krueger, the difference of course is that you would not want Freddy near your children. Although Bing Crosby routinely beat his kids so your kids are probably not any ...

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MathMilitary MARPAT Corsair 760T Mod

Corsair 760T MARPAT Mod

There are many military themed mods out there but French modder Mathieu “MathMilitary” Delsuc is unique in that he intends to bridge the gap between the rugged military aesthetic with sleek modernity and clean functionality. Using a Corsair 760T full-tower case, Mathieu has built a ...

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