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MathMilitary MARPAT Corsair 760T Mod

Corsair 760T MARPAT Mod

There are many military themed mods out there but French modder Mathieu “MathMilitary” Delsuc is unique in that he intends to bridge the gap between the rugged military aesthetic with sleek modernity and clean functionality. Using a Corsair 760T full-tower case, Mathieu has built a water-cooled system that is steeped in style inspired by US marine digital camo patterns. Modder ... Read More »

Thor D3sk: Integrated PC-Oak table mod

Thor D3sk casemod

Integrating the PC into the desktop is the hottest trend in case modding at the moment and even has manufacturers such as Lian Li offering an integrated case desk line. For creative types who value personalization as much as function, the satisfaction of building your own cannot be matched by any retail offering so it is only natural that this ... Read More »

Zotac ZBOX Sphere OI520 Death Star Case Mod


During the CES trek I take every year the Modders-Inc team in 2014 landed at the Zotac Booth. While at the booth we got the normal tour of all the items they had and are coming out with. During this we came across a computer that was shaped like an orb called the Zotac ZBOX Sphere OI520. My first thought ... Read More »

Brimstone: An Antec SX830 Case Mod


Real Name: Loran Lindberg Age: 43 Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota. USA Occupation: I work for a bus company Years in Computers: 20+ Length of time modding: 8 years Personal Website(s): Facebook, The Build: Brimstone Words from the modder: Around two and a half years ago I stumbled across an old Antec SX 830 computer case that was thrown away. ... Read More »

Star Wars Case Mods

Tie Fighter desk

What could be better than having a computer case that looks like something from the Star Wars universe, pretty much nothing. Star Wars is a fan favorite for many reasons and those that live by it will do anything to be apart of it each day. So why not combine you excitement for computers and Star Wars into one item, ... Read More »

Iron Felix: Retro-futuristic Dieselpunk Casemod

Iron Felix

While many modders get ideas from modern designs, Alexey Butyrin draws inspiration from vintage machine designs, parts of which he collects, and assembles them into works of art. His unique “dieselpunk” approach to modding accurately recreates the brute yet warm feel of old engines and devices, especially with his latest “Iron Felix” case mod outfitted with vacuum tubes, gauges and ... Read More »

Orange Dragon: Fractal Design Core 1000 Case Mod


Modding may be daunting for most first-timers but the truth is if you have an idea, you are already half-way there. For Shankar Saanthakumar of London, modding for the first time was an experiment on what he can achieve with an inspired idea when paired with a dremel and a spray paint. The result is the Orange Dragon, a compact ... Read More »

XYNOS G3: 100% Billet Aluminum Case


Carved out from 100% billet T6 aircraft-grade aluminum blocks, the Xynos G3 is machinist John Xynos’ vision of a compact micro-ATX gaming powerhouse.  The 16lb chassis features a built-in 7-inch display as well as a 4-line LCD module where system stats can be displayed. Positive air pressure from a pair of Noctua 140mm fans and 25PPI density foam filters keep ... Read More »

Grey Matter: CM HAF 912 Case Mod

Grey Matter by Jim Weist

Grey is usually the color of conformity and convention, yet Jim Weist’s “Grey Matter” build is anything but typical. To break from the monotonous limitations of the color palette, Jim took a Cooler Master HAF 912, strip it almost bare then custom crafted acrylic panels, enclosures, radiator mounts, grills and even a waterfall bay-style reservoir. The interior is also impressively ... Read More »

CENTURION: CM Silencio 650 Case Mod

Centurion by Jesse Palacio

For a select few, limited options is not a cause for concern but rather an opportunity to showcase creativity. Absent access to a CNC machine or a complete tool set, a creative person finds ways to make their vision come to life with the materials they have on hand. “A little goes a long way” as the old saying goes, ... Read More »