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  1. #204 - Ion Mod idea by Montresor83 #1[UPDATED]

    So.. anyone else here like Dundee Honey Brown? I just recently tried it and it's delicious.
  2. #204 - Ion Mod idea by Montresor83 #1[UPDATED]

    I can't stop watching this.
  3. #204 - Ion Mod idea by Montresor83 #1[UPDATED]

    Don't know if you know ANYTHING about real treasure chests.. but they're not small. =)
  4. #204 - Ion Mod idea by Montresor83 #1[UPDATED]

    I admit I didn't write a lot on the description of my entry because the original rules were to keep it <300 words and even though that restriction was later removed, I thought it would be considerate...
  5. #204 - Ion Mod idea by Montresor83 #1[UPDATED]

    Hey, I like #418. A little over the top maybe, but the blend of complexity and attractiveness made for an excellent looking mod. As far as the guidelines go though, #281 hardly had a mod description....
  6. #204 - Ion Mod idea by Montresor83 #1[UPDATED]

    Yes, I think my idea was terrible. I thought I would easily make the top 30. I thought wrong. I won't name any names, but there was easily 3 mods that made the top 30 I thought my idea stomped, but...
  7. #204 - Ion Mod idea by Montresor83 #1[UPDATED]

    Mars Rover, what a terrible idea...
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    #370 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp #2

    I just pissed myself. This is awesome!
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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    @cheapskate - This mod makes me feel inadequate =(
  10. #204 - Ion Mod idea by Montresor83 #1[UPDATED]

    My idea for an Ion case mod would be a Mars Rover.

    I thought it'd be nice to include a webcam on either the mechanical arm or on the Pancam tower. The actual antenna that's used on the rover would...
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