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    Barbecue Mod

    This photo was pulled in a day that we solve roast a meat in my parents' house and decided use an old gab attn as barbecue set. :lol:


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    Barbecue Mod

    lol that has to be the best bbq idea i have seen in ages :P

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    Barbecue Mod


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    Barbecue Mod

    Okay, what ever floats your boat. Cool idea or maybe I should say it's a hot idea. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Barbecue Mod

    wow, good times. After you're done you can make some sort of charred and blackened Case of The Apocolypse

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    Barbecue Mod

    Hmmmm foood....

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    Barbecue Mod

    Heck why even use charcoal. Just toss in a few of the old Intel P4's, crank on SuperPi and you'd have a real

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