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Thread: AMD GPU Clock tool

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    AMD GPU Clock tool

    Any one try this one?

    I hear that it comes from AMD and it suppose to allow you to Over Clock all the ATi cards.

    I got a copy it I need to post it. :wink:

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    AMD GPU Clock tool

    Hmm lots of views but responses...

    Here is a link to download it...


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    AMD GPU Clock tool

    its not all tthat great i did try it with my x1950pro . it just couldnt compare to rivatuner .

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    AMD GPU Clock tool

    Try ATI Tool.

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    AMD GPU Clock tool

    Hmm lots of views but responses...
    I've got an nVidia so I can't really comment

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    AMD GPU Clock tool

    I am running an 8800 GTS right now, but if I switch it out for some testing I will see how it does. I tried once before but I could not get the X1950 to OC with it, but that was an earlier version. Yeah say that will even OC the brand new GPU's.

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