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Thread: sponsers...hows that work?

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    sponsers...hows that work?

    ok someone suggested to me get a sponser for my new project pipeline, now i duno if i can do that or not? and hwo i would go about it to, like why would someone sponser your project? i dont know how that works, so heres the story on why and who i would want to sponser me,

    well as a few people should know, im in the process of building a new gaming rig, known at the moment as "pipeline" this is a nvidia based system, asus mobo with nvidia chipset, and so on, the new graphics card for this system i want to be a geforce 8800 320mb, but i am at the moment stuck on buying one so a sponser would be great for that to, anyway when you look at pipeline you can kind of see how it would resemble a geforce 8800 in the way with the pipes and the plasma ball (duno why i just feel it works well with one) so having one there is a must for me, so what i am asking peeps is how do i go about this? cheers all! laters


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    sponsers...hows that work?

    Two things... Luck and skill and neither have to do with each other.

    Skill is something that you can show possible vendors what you can do.

    Luck is getting some one to take a chance on you and that you will pimp the sH!* of there stuff.

    I got lucky twice as they asked me to do the mods for them, but I was not able to keep either one.

    Even with us running a web site and have done some featured mods it is still hard work to get sponsors.

    My suggestion would be go for the smaller modding companies as they are hunger to get the word out about their stuff. And a few free items can equal more in advertisement than they could afford.

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    sponsers...hows that work?

    ok so how would i go about that???

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    sponsers...hows that work?

    pretty much just put your name out there to different companies seeking sponsrship i'd assume. I've done the same for fusionmods looking for contest sponsorships. best people to contact if their emails are lsited on the site are their pr or media relations people

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    sponsers...hows that work?

    Emails...contacts...luck...more emails...

    After about a year of trying to get another NVIDIA card maker we finally got a lead with Leadtek. Since we are new to them we have to return any review sample, but that may change farther down the road. It pretty much like that with any sponsor. BUT there are times when they come looking for you :-)

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    sponsers...hows that work?

    hm that would be nice if they come looking for me well i think i might give it a miss right now cos i have no idea where to start looking for them :P cheers guys

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    sponsers...hows that work?

    I think we pretty much told ya what you need to do, it just up too you to do the leg work.

    Emails only take a few minutes and could snag you your sponsor.

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