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Thread: Back, round 2

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    Back, round 2

    Well, I can't catch a break with isp's.
    While going to quakecon my isp went belly up without any notice. I was wondering why I wasn't getting any email at quakecon. So, I had to find another isp. Well,I'm up and running again. " knock on wood"

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    Back, round 2

    sorry to hear that bro! glad to see you are back online though!!!

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    Back, round 2

    Dang! I guess that what happens when you live out in the middle of

    Did Optimus Prime make it back OK or has he started he world tour already?

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    Back, round 2

    Well, living in the middle of nowhere isn't so bad. It's great aslong as you don't do anything with technology,wait I build computers,what am I . Yeah,he made it back ok. I just kept looking out for that stalker from quakecon,hehe. The guy from the truck fab company wants to take it to saudi arabia in sept. So, next week I have to meet with him and get my passport in order. Just glad my 17 hour drive from texas is over. Also preordered ET from ebgames to find out somebody is using my handle. " I wish him many of slow frame rates and lag while playing" So, I had to use maxprime57.

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    Back, round 2

    Yeah I too had about 16hr drive home, what fun, but I broke it up into 2 days.

    Do you think we will every see the Newegg Certificates?

    If you send that CD with some pictures we will put some of them in our worklog section of the main site for all to see on how you created Oprimus Prime. Free hosting of pictures, you can't beat that. :-)

    You need to keep us up to date on the Harley Mod too!

    We would love to have you as a regular on the site!

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    Back, round 2

    I split mine also, but still was too long to drive.
    I didn't hear anything about the newegg certificates. I emailed spicey about my email update.but haven't got a response.hehe If it is anything like what happened in 2004 we could save them postage and pick them up at quakecon 08.

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