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Thread: Logitech G9 Mouse

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    Logitech has a new gaming mouse and we will soon have a review on it. If you looked in the QuakeCon pictures you would have already seen it, but I will put them up here...

    Well dang it, is that the new G15 Keyboard???

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    no offence but that keyboard is just plain simple ugly

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    I think they are going for function over

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    I actually like the look of the new G15 over the old myself.

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    Still loving the Saitek Eclipse (original) over any other keyboard... I miss the media controls sometimes, but then again, i never really used them much when i had them anyway. That mouse looks interesting though.

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    I think the new g15 looks good, personally I'm still using my microsoft office keyboard. I can't really justify spending $70 on an input device. $30, yes, but not so much $70.

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    Well the new G15 looked much better in person and I like that the LCD is built into the KB and not a flip-up.
    We will have to see, but I think we will be able to give you a first hand review in the future.

    Now did you notice that the G9 had two body styles that can be switched out?

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    i like these new I/O sets from logitech. i personally think the G7 mouse better in terms of shape but the G9 looks just as comfortable

    the keyboard looks perfect, i personally love the new color scheme. they remind me of the PAC troops from BF2142

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    I did notice that, it reminds me of the failed line of Lego Bionicle shoes. Are those add-ons made of the same rubber as the razer mouse that was recently reviewed? I'm not sure if I'm too keen on the hard edges of those molds. What's the difference between the black and gray ones besides color? Is it convertable for left-handed use?

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    Logitech G9 Mouse

    Annoyed that there is a NEW G15 so fast, I do like the new layout (especially no-flip) I have a feeling THIS one fits a keyboard tray with the new lcd.
    Hopefully it is easier to use the programs as well, updated my drivers and it is refusing to show the logitech stuff

    Mouse looks bulky(looks like funky stng phaser), though I hate to think of retiring my mx100 cordless, I like the ones with extra battery's for charging
    mine loves to run low JUST as I feel like playing something

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