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Thread: BAWLS, where do you find them?

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    I have been wanting to find somewhere is AZ that sells BAWLS and I finally did! A little shop called POP the Soda Shop stocks it and is 5 miles from my work.

    So one day I zip over there and start strolling about, but not finding my BAWLS. Then as I turned a corner (heavenly music and a ray of light inserted here
    ) there it was. The whole one end on an isle was nothing but BAWLS. :mrgreen: Stacked in cases it was nothing but BAWLS to the wall. But wait there is more, they even had the new Cherry BAWLS so I swooped up a BAWLS, one of each under my arms, not caring how much it may cost...I got my BAWLS and thats all that counts. As I turned to head down and pay for my treasure I see, in a reach-in cooler, an ice cold can of Cherry Bawls and a bottle of regular BAWLS. Down went the cases and in the the cooler I went. I have had Blue BAWLS before so Cherry it was. Once again I head towards the check out and stacked my BAWLS on the counter; dang them some heavy BAWLS. Then from nowhere an attractive girl with glases comes to the counter dressed in a short dress that was probably made in the 70's. After she rings it up she asked "need some help?" "Ah sure, thanks" I said... Pretty hard to say no too that. :wink: So she grabbed one of my BAWLS with two hands and carried it to my truck. I opened the door and she placed my BAWLS on the seat, I thanked her and off she went with a smile. It was quite a happy day as I finally found my BAWLS.

    Anyone find their BAWLS somewhere?

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    Oh, americanfreak, you dastardly stag :P. Your innuendos are overwhelming!

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    *riotous laughter from the Tate household in Texas....*

    (wipes tears....)

    "Ohhh.... that was good!"

    But I honestly don't like it as much as I like my Sobe NoFear Sugar Free energy drink. And I hammered enough of that blue stuff to be burned out on it for a few more months!

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    All the 7/11s down here sell it. (SoCal)

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    yep, they 7/11 has bawls here too (detroit area)

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    NOS is totally better. But i have seen it (Bawls) at 2 out of the 3 convienience stores I go to. (in NorCal)

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    i've found it at Mac's...ONCE

    other than that, no luck, EVER

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    It's a good day when a pretty girl helps you with your BAWLS

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    the nearby compUSA sells them

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    BAWLS, where do you find them?

    Target here sells Bawls, but i prefer Jolt cola

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