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Thread: New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    I guess Cooler Master must have like the last mod I did for them as they asked me to do another one for CES 2008. Actually they want two and Tazz will be doing the other one so you might be seeing a worklog starting on his project soon.

    I am happy to be doing the mod, but the bad thing is that the time line is VERY VERY short. There is only about 1-1/2 months to do the mod. 0-0 I explained that for that short amount of time you will get a modded case, but it may not be an over-the-top mod. They were fine with that and just want something to catch the eyes of people walking by.

    So I get the lucky task of trying to mod their new Cosmos 1000 case. The case is quite a beauty, but I think I can kick it up a notch or two.

    Wish me luck as I may need it :mrgreen:

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    That's a sweet case! Will it be water-cooled or no? Cooler master makes a heap of water equipment, I might think about asking them for one. I like their idea of the hard drives facing the other side. Are those fans on the bottom? Something that I would think about is putting pike or cap nuts on either side of the drive bays on the exterior. That's a mass of cables coming from the top panel. It's your mod, and knowing what you're capable of I'm sure that this will come out great.

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    Just checked out the website .. Very cool case .. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    For the hardware I have no idea what will be going into it. They work with others to get the parts and they will be putting in the guts. Its kind of a blessing and kind of not. You have to take a total different approach on planning the mod since you normally try to make the inside and outside play off of each other. Like the last mod I did for them I rewired and laid out the stuff as I would have done it before it got shipped out. When I got it back to take to QuakeCon amd opened it up. my heart sank. I ended up redoing the wiring again.

    This time I will pretty much stick to the outside of the case, but I know I can't leave the inside alone.
    I got two ideas to play off you my fellow modders. Since the case is called Cosmos I am thinking...

    A) Making some stars or galaxy on the side panels and go for that sort of theme.

    B) Cosmos=Outer Space and what comes from outer space? Aliens. I am thinking some sort of space craft.

    What ya think?

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    I like the idea of aliens, but stars and moons and stuff can descend way too fast into the territory of childrens sleeping attire. You have to be careful around that one to not include crescent moon shapes or five-pointed stars. If you were to drill 5.8 billion 1/16" holes in the thing and stick about 10 white cathodes in, you could have yourself a winner. Especially if they were centrallized in an oval around a central spot on the side, like they were rotating around it.

    That would be cool. As far as spacecraft go, this thing already looks like one. Underlighting would be a nice touch. The first step in most mods is to cut more fan holes in, but they seem to have that one taken care of already. You could paint a vortex on the non-windowed side. *link wasnt working
    Those would be my ideas.

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    I actually work better under deadlines.

    Seeing what you guys can do tho, you'll have no problems in that time frame 8-)

    Mod on!

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    I think doing the space ship is a great idea and have the inside look like a high tech control panel of the space ship. Looking forward to seeing this project. Happy Modding to ya.

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    most people dream of having a case like that stock, and here you are getting to mod the crap out of it for display. sounds like MI will get lots of attention come CES

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    black paint, with some waterslide decals to put high res images on the side.

    Cut a few led holes and pipe some light out.

    Get a wave file that has Carl Sagan saying "BIll-youns and bill-youns..." at boot...

    Congrats on the relationship you have built up there bro!
    Shows that they have faith in you that they have returned yet again, from the well that has brought them such good support.

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    New Mod for Cooler Master for CES 2008 -Update!

    LOL, I hope I can live up to AF's standards... hes already set the bar high. I am still waiting on my sample to show its face (should be here wed of next week). It will be the new 690 case they just released. I will start a log on it once it arrives. I have thought about a few options. With the short time frame and everything else going on its a pretty tough challenge .

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