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    Tech-Daddy looks at a case from Apevia....

    "Many years ago, all we had were steel, beige cases. Then we started modding them, painting them, and manufacturers smiled and brought us the pre-mod case, and we shunned them for the most part. The industry learned, and started putting out classy, well thought out cases that can both house our pristine and powerful hardware... and look good doing it. Apevia has been steadily adding to their listing of great, trend setting cases. Does the all aluminum X-Jupiter draw us in an hold us like the mighty titan planet it is named after, or is it just one of its dead moons? Read on and explore this celestial object with us!"

    Read the full review...If you pass it onto 10 friends you will have good luck till 2008 :-)

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    Excellent review!! The writing was superb and kept me interested throughout. Great humor, love the gripes. informative and entertaining. Totally agree with you on the cabeling. One of my pet peeves is getting a new case and trying to install the hardware only to find out I need to make a "cable run" to get extension cables to hide all the hideous cables. as for the case it's not my cup of tea, that blue is just too intense. Maybe if it came in a red or Crimson color I'd be down.

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    I agree great review and the PSU ordeal is an oversight they hopefully will correct.

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