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Thread: Modding Playstation 3

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    Modding Playstation 3

    Does anyone have any new mods for the PS3? In case you don't know, it has the capability of a HD partition so you an install a new OS. Anyone heard anything yet?

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    Modding Playstation 3

    No I haven't but what a great idea!

    That would be a great thing to start up here at Modders-Inc.

    If you get any info or find some people that know, send over here and I might even create a section.

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    Modding Playstation 3

    wouldnt a linux be able to work with one????

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    Modding Playstation 3

    ive got a linux partotion on my 60gb PS3

    wasnt hard at all, but ive never looked at it since ive installed it ops:

    its easy, because the distro i used (yellowdog) was BUILT for use on PS3s

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    Modding Playstation 3

    I am not a Xbox user, but didn't they have a hack for that?

    The PS3 is a pretty powerful machine and they crank out the [email protected] stuff like crazy.

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