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Thread: Want to get published on M-I!

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    Want to get published on M-I!

    That's right we are looking at expanding our How-To section with as many good guides as we can. If you have a How-To that you think would be a benefit to others, send it our way. You will get full credit for the guides and a link to your web site, email or where ever you prefer.

    If you have a guide already here in this section and it can be used or converted please let us know.

    Our first contributor is XcaliburFX with this guide.

    With your help I know we can make Modders-Inc the place to go for case mods :-)

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    Want to get published on M-I!

    I have a couple of guides in the "users guide" section.

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    Want to get published on M-I!

    If you feel worth putting my akhem "guide (or it's worklog, not sure ^_^; )" on how to change an optical mouse's LED to different colour as most of the new mice are laser anyway..

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    Want to get published on M-I!

    Thanks guys will look over the stuff and see what I can do. I might ask for pictures or misc if need.

    Any guide is a good guide. I don't know how many times in the past I have read a simple guide and it inspired me to take it to the next level. Or taking something apart and find out where that freaking little tiny screw was hidden at.

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    Want to get published on M-I!

    hey i did a guide mainly for m-i, heres the linky :P

    can it live up to get in the guides section???


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