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Thread: Front Page Survey

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    Front Page Survey

    Hey I put up a new survey on the front page. It is on the right side. Please take a look and vote as I am curious as to how and why people come to

    If you have a reason that is not listed please explain here, thanks.

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    Front Page Survey

    I love just hanging out and watching the stuff that everyone does... "forums"

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    Front Page Survey

    I had to vote other because I come for several different reasons. In fact many of the ones you have listed. Very hard choice for me. However, I will add this, the atmosphere here is above all one of the main reasons I come here. After all, who would want to go to a site to ask a question or even participate in it if everyone there behaved like a bunch of, well for lack of a better word, Jackasses! Not me!! That is why my hat hangs on the MI hat rack!

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    Front Page Survey

    I come here for the people and the community. You guys are my friends! It's also nice to know that nobody's going to dis me or my work. I kind of also wanted to say "found it through a search engine", because that's how I originally found the site.

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    Front Page Survey

    I came to MI due to a invite from a email after the breakup of CMG. Haven't looked back, I do visit a few other sites but MI is my homepage and it's the only way to go. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Front Page Survey

    I really like to chat here (yes, voted for Forums ) because I've learned quite alot.. Not only modding but other stuff too

    Oh and just a question, I haven't really noticed any of the previous surveys on the main page mainly because the survey is too low on the site, do you think you could move it higher? (maybe put user info under the survey?)
    Oh, I'm using the green theme

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    Front Page Survey

    I have been playing with the front page with locations of stuff. I will take a look at your suggestion. I think maybe putting the "user info" lower on the page might not hurt...

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    Front Page Survey

    I come here for the same reason I always have. The people are nice and cool with each other. Some other forums have a lot more post but man the people can be total A-holes sometimes. Here the people are cool and so are the people that run the site. I guess you could say it's noob friendly but its more than that really.

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    Front Page Survey

    well, i have to be honest i found the site through a search engine whilst i was looking for a way to make my pc better looking...and yes i came across this site whooo!! i had a look around and yea it all seemed ok so i stayed and now look im still here, ive been to many other sites but none of them have kept me coming back like m-i its def down to the fact, you could make the worse thing ever or the bigest mistake ever, but you still wont get put down for it, everyone will just encourge you to try again and do better next time which is what makes m-i a nice place to be, so yea the people the site staff and the genrale feel of the site is one of its best bits! oh not to mention some of the mods!!! the first one i saw was red lantern....or project13, i think anyway just thought i would tell yall that :P

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    Front Page Survey

    Thanks for the replies so far and for taking the survey. This helps us to see if we are on the right track and where we may need to improve on. So far it seems to be fairly balanced on why you come to Modders-Inc.

    For what ever reason you do, we say thank you!

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