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Thread: Just a few things

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    Just a few things

    Hi everyone. I've been looking around the forums for a while and I decided to join finally. I haven't done that much modding as of yet. I've built a fanbus, a bench psu, and done some minor case alterations. A few days ago my psu fan decided to take a permanent vacation, so after hunting around for a 120mm fan and realizing I did not have an extra one, I finally found one at a local shop. It is an Antec 3 speed fan, I soldered the old fan's connector(the old was a 2pin the new was a regular 4 pin molex) onto the new fan and set the speed switch to high, now I'm making a post and my computer is purring like a kitten. Hope to do a bit more modding in the future as time and funds permit. Looking forward to interacting with the community here, from what I've read this is one of the friendliest modding sites around.

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    Just a few things

    hey, welcome you would be right! we are the friendliest :P i think anyone well, ive nver seen any arguments really......wel welcome anyway enjoy ur stay :P

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    Just a few things

    Welcome to MI !!! Indeed it is the friendliest community around!!

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    Just a few things

    Welcome aboard, Twitch. We look forward to seeing what you can do, but if you just want to comment then that's cool too. Everyone can contribute uniquely to the forums, and I'm excited to see what angle you can provide. Feel free to ask about any questions that you might have, but first check if it's already been written about, here or elsewhere. We're great for idea mining, so if you're stuck, ask for ideas.

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    Just a few things

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    Thanks for joining the forums as everyones inputs are welcome!

    Modding is not a sport and some places tend to put down people, but here at Modders-Inc we see every mod as special as it is to the creator....Hope that didn't sound to sappy...LOL

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    Just a few things

    Welcome to the best little website on the net. Ask away and you'll get an answer from somewhere. You will find many mods and many ideas here and we hope that you can add to it. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Just a few things

    Thanks for the welcome everyone.

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