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Thread: Decline of modding....

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    Decline of modding....

    Simple question...

    Has the interest in case modding declined?

    If so why?

    In not why?

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    Decline of modding....

    I think it has, but mainly because there are so many great looking cases already out there.

    That and the cost of things have been going up so people dont have the extra cash to spend like they used to.

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    Decline of modding....

    I haven't been in the modding scene long enough to make a really informed judgment, but from what I can tell it's increased a bit, judging by all the new members. Then again, a lot of members have dropped off since when I got here, so I may just be witnessing the steady forum turnover rate. I typed up an essay regarding computer

    Some may ask us why we mod, or even need such a great rig when a gaming console can do the same job for potentially thousands less. We can't really answer this question satisfactorily, because on a practical basis we do not need to mod. Need has nothing to do with it. I recently met with the president of stratos, an industrial design firm (makers of the original xbox controller), and he told me about how he used to restore vintage mustangs as a kid. He said that his company used to make high-design computers, and that computers are to a lot of people (us) what cars used to be to a lot of people. Not that there aren't muscle car people anymore, but high end computers have replaced in many mens (and womens) hearts the need once filled by cars, and before that horses: the need to have complete power and control over something fast and strong and mean, and to have played a role in its creation and its upkeep, and for this something to improve their life and give them greater mobility, efficiency, ability, and power. Computers are to us a monument to our intelligence, to our superiority, and to our skill. They are something for us to use to identify with one another, yet still exclude the technologically inferior. They complete us.

    The chief problem in this relationship between man and machine/beast is cost and practicality. Horses are extremely impractical for city life, and they can also be costly. However, a car can live just fine in a garage, yet still need a significant amount of money. Computers, on the other hand, and small, low maintenance, readily available, and relatively cheap. They are a more feasible outlet for our power quest, and will thus continue to grow in popularity.

    I suppose that whether modding is growing or will continue to grow is another story, as there are a number of handsome premods nowadays. A modded case is always better (if done well) than a premod because of the extra effort put into it and the resulting inflation of confidence and identity gained from a personalized case, so people will continue to create them and revel in their mastery.

    p.s. I need a blog!

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    Decline of modding.... say big the major ones i mean that has calmed down alot...although little mods with like a simple spray job have incresed...or a simple window... thats my opinon

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    Decline of modding....

    On the minus side would you say that it is the

    A) cost of supplies

    B) lack of money

    C) lack of not knowing how to mod

    D) the premod has slowed down modding

    On the Plus side you would say it is

    A) just plan fun!

    B) great to be part of a select group that has the same interest

    C) a way for me to unleash my creativity

    D) a shame to see a plan looking PC

    The reason I am asking these questions is to see where modding is at. I have been around since the very early start of modding and it seems to be at its lowest point. I kind of feel that modding has lost its WOW factor and appeal to the average PC user since the mainstream manufactures caught on that people want something that looks great sitting in their homes.

    p.s....what kind of blog?

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    Decline of modding....

    That pretty much sum's it up AF.

    Theres also the fact that people might not know about the modding scene.

    I myself accidentally found this site and many others when I was browsing google for computer products

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    Decline of modding....

    I think it is declining. People are probably getting into the situation I am in now.

    Wanting to mod a case.


    Lack of money and lack of time.

    Right now I have the case sanded and holes cut (I'm going to upload pictures after paint and windows), but I just don't have the time, energy or money to do anything.

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    Decline of modding....

    I think it has slowed as far as big mods goes but the little ones keep coming. I just don't think people post them. Especially on some other forums where a guy post a window or paint job and it's like. "So what did you do?" You noob everyone does that come back with some real mods. It's shameful.

    For me modding has stopped due to money. I don't have any. I know a lot in my circle in Austin are having the same problem. Also they have run out of ideas. Really everything has been done. I mean you can take a case and really mod the heck out of it and make something really clean and beautiful but it has been done a million times. I think what turned me onto modding was the excitement of doing what hadn't been done.

    I think unless the tech business comes up with a new form factor and mobo's and parts get smaller we aren't going to see anything really that new. Except from people with thousands of dollars to custom CNC or manufacture their cases, or fill it full of really expensive components most of us could only dream of.

    I still like to mod though and even the little stuff. I couldn't have a case and have it not be modded. I'll probably get a Shark case here soon for my kids and I'll totally mod it.

    SO in short my answers are B to 1 and C to 2

    just my 2 cents.

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    Decline of modding....

    I believe it is declining and I think it's due to lack of funds. The all mighty dollar doesn't go as far as it use to. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Decline of modding....

    hm....more input from me...but er how many people do you know who have pipes and a static ball sat in there rig :P yea! im different lol na my answers are...

    D for the simple reason i know so many people whos anwser to modding is this....i want to mod but i can find a nice decent looking case for next to nothing whereas building one could cost loads....

    a,b,c,d i cant make my mind up to be honest there lol

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