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Thread: NVISION08- Update

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    NVISION08- Update

    NVISION is the first-ever, visual computing mega-event. It is big and far-reaching enough to gather together top visual computing professionals, world-class gamers, innovative artists and designers, and cutting-edge researchers to share their ideas, experiences, and passions.

    The universe of visual computing in one place, at one time.

    Thousands of people will gather in downtown San Jose, California
    Enthusiasts: amateur and pro gamers, demosceners, game modders, machinima creators, and 3D artists
    Technical and marketing professionals from:
    Fortune 500 companies
    CAD/design, medical, science, automotive, and mobile industries
    Broadcast, video, and film industries
    Supercomputing experts and researchers
    Game developers
    Hardware vendors, retailers, iCafe and gaming center managers and owners
    Software vendors
    Visitors looking to experience the latest in visual technologies
    Press, analysts, and other industry influencers

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    NVISION08- Update

    Anyone planning on going? I hear there might be a kick ass modding contest there. Normally we go to QuakeCon each year but it might not hurt for a change of scenery. ;-)

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    NVISION08- Update

    Sounds like a really cool event. Too bad it is a long way from Georgia. Ever any of these type events closer to the eastern half of the US? lol

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    NVISION08- Update

    Hey guys Modders-Inc has been talking with NVIIDA and they want YOU the modders to be there in huge numbers! They are wanting to make this the event to be at and be seen at! They want as many modders there as possible.

    Right now (in the works) the winner of the contest will get featured in CPU Mag and some $$$....1,500.00 I believe. We are working with them to see what will make the modders show up. So I ask this question and PLEASE be truthful and sincere with you responses as it will help us all out.

    So my first question to you is...

    What would make you go to NVISION08 for a REAL modding contest?

    A= Win money (How Much, how many places 1st,2nd,3rd...)
    B= Prizes (Hardware and stuff)
    C= Build NVIDIA's next mod for them to display at events
    D= Just the recognition of winning is enough for me
    E= A combination of the above
    F= None of the above. I would go NVISION08 for or because.....

    Thanks guys this will really help out.

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    NVISION08- Update

    F -- to check out all the amazing mods and tech stuff. But only if it was sacto/bay area. Im not so mobile right now.

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    NVISION08- Update

    E and F why not? always like looking at designs others come up with and heck winning stuff is just a bonus that would be if i wernt in the UK then i would defo come

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    NVISION08- Update

    A and F.. Money for college but it couldn't be too far.. There are still quite a few of us east coast modders.

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    NVISION08- Update

    Honestly, all of the above lol. Unfortunately even if I were able to get there, I rather doubt I could afford to be there and survive. lol

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    NVISION08- Update

    A or B, but it's a bit far for me and I don't know if I'll have my mod finished by then. I wish that more of these things were up by me . I suppose that I can't complain, because I'm a heck of a lot closer than the East coast. :P

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    NVISION08- Update

    A and B. Money is gonna bring out the mods. They are going to have to advertise soon though to give people time to make plans and create something. Otherwise it will be a bust. Quakecon is/was huge with modding because everyone knows when it's going to be every year. This is new so they will need to let people know quick.

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