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Thread: Are you a

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    Are you a

    Well I just signed up for a twitter what?

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    Are you a

    I don't get it? Why not just text or IM. How's this different?

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    Are you a

    I guess this fill in the blank spaces between IM's.

    You get people to follow you or subscribe to you or you follow others and you talk about the stuff you do in your life.

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    Are you a

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    Are you a

    Yep pretty much like that...LOL

    Well after having the acct for a day 2 people are already following me.

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    Are you a

    Weird. Does it feel like big brother is watching you?

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    Are you a

    No, not sure what it feels like yet.

    I figured I would try it out as I listen to Leo Laporte (and the all the old gang from TechTV) podcasts and they are always talking about twitter.

    Found a program called twhirl that makes it more like a IM program instead of a webpage.

    I still haven't found the right way to search and follow others though, but then again I really haven't tried.

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    Are you a

    This has made quite the buzz in the tech scene. I got mine a couple of days ago and am still not really digging it.

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    Are you a

    I think you have to find the right people to follow and follow you. So far I think I have 7 people following me.

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    Are you a

    I'm more of an old fashioned tech type; I like things hard wired. For example, I've never sent a text message. Saves money and starts conversations, at least that's the way that I look at it. Not that I don't have wi-fi or an Ipod, I just never got hooked on cell phones. So twitter isn't for me. I hope that it works out for you, though.

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