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Thread: Asus BIOS Update tool

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    I have just updated my BIOS (or tried to-I think I managed it in the end...) with the Asus Update tool, for a planned upgrade to an AMD Phenom 9850 quad core. It is supposed to work in windows. There are however a few things you need to know if you do this.

    1. Dig out the floppy drive from the bottom of the box of unused computer parts and connect it to your computer.
    2. All ways save your current BIOS to floppy in case things go Pete Tong (wrong).
    3. Asus Update didnt work as intended :evil: . I tried to do a quick update from the internet, but due to Asus's site being utter garbage I had to download the BIOS from Softpedia (of all places!!! :roll: ) and "update from file."
    4. When your computer re-starts, switch off and unplug all other drives apart from your Boot drive otherwise you will get this lovely little message on a BLACK screen "Disk boot faiure, insert system disk and press enter." 8O

    Luckily I managed to work out that all my other flash cards and HDD's were getting in the way of a boot, I switched off and un-plugged the lot apart from the boot drive, floppy (still wasnt sure!! :roll: ) drive, and DVD drive. Switched back on, and all was normal (with the computer, not me. I'm still getting therapy from flashing my BIOS!!)

    Hope this helps, if not I know a good head doctor!!


    P.S. I'm not mad, but my other personality is a bit of a psycho!! :lol: :? :lol: :twisted: :lol: :roll: :evil:

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    Wow I have never had that problem with the ASUS BIOS tool, but I always just DL the BIOS and then tell it to update from a file instead of the internet.

    At times the ASUS site is sooo ssslllooowww....and their DL speeds suck.

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    The big shocker was the "Boot disk failure", I thought that meant my Raptor was buggered 8O

    I hate flashing BIOS, it is the main reason for male pattern baldness in the world today!! :lol:

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    Same as AF here. I have never had an issue updating the bios via the tool. Their site is extremely slow when you go to connect and download but it always did.

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    see, ive never flashed a bios...EVER and i dont really want to lol

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    I killed an msi board through a windows-based bios flash gone wrong, but was able to rma it just fine. From then on I've stuck with floppies for bios updates. I've never had an interaction with Asus' tool, though.

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    I'm off to the pub!!

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    I've flashed a few BIOSes by now (9 or 10 not sure) including mine.. Never had any problems yet even tho I'm scared to death everytime I do it lols (well getting a new BIOS if you scr€w one up.. not the best thing to start looking for here in Slovenia..)

    I mostly flash by floppy but once I had to do it via Windows (PC crashed instantly though) because the mainboard didn't have the floppy connector (newer one and it was MicroATX I think or something) but yeah, it worked.. phew - I used the BIOS Update tool, no idea wich brand was the mobo (was meant for a Car-PC)

    And yeah again, ASUS's server sux.. I don't know how come such a big company, so slow computer and/or internet connection... Darn

    I'm off to the pub!!
    Good idea... lol

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    see, ive never flashed a bios...EVER and i dont really want to lol
    You haven't lived until you updated a BIOS and have it

    Take the plunge and talk a walk on the wild side.

    I normally do not update unless I either have an issue or it allows for upgrades of RAM or CPU's.

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    Asus BIOS Update tool

    I had to update, as I am going to update the CPU to a Phenom 9850 X4 , cant wait now

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