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Thread: Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    After much internal (and fierce) debate, I decided to forgo the TV tuner card for the moment on my first personal built gaming computer and decided to get the best of the best (at least in my area). Picked up the 8800 GT OC edition and can't wait until the mobo arrives to give it a whirl. I thought about the 8800 XLRT Edition but figured this should be more than I probably need for the time being.
    After reading some of Tazz's input asking why ppl purchase the OC editions and then want to OverClock them even higher, I took that bit of wisdom and figured why go through the OC process if it's already been done for me? Saves me time and also prevents the possibility of fubuing a darn good GPU.
    I was hoping the mobo would have arrived today after I got off work but no such luck. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow.
    While some may call this a stretch it's akin to waiting for your first child to be born lol.
    After it's built and running up to snuff I'll begin to plan for the cable management part next. I really admire the work you all do with that. After running the cables for my Thermaltake 550W I could only imagine what a nightmare it must be to try and plan far enough ahead for expansion while removing (possibly) unnecessary cables and hoping you won't need them later.
    I was hoping to go with a 1 TB drive to plan ahead for (again) expansion but limited my budget to be able to afford the GPU and settled instead for a WD 320Gb HD. I may add another of the same later if and when needed. The PSU is in the Antec 900 and the cables are installed.
    One note about the Antec 900 case. The ability to easily add HDD is really nice but they messed up on the insert box for the floppy drive. The black plastic box along with the cage front adapter need to be better sized so that the cage cover can more easily slip over the box after it's been inserted into the case. That part (for me) turned out to be quite the nightmare and took a few wrenches and patience to bend back into place. Other than that though it's been a dream working with this case and I can't say enough good stuff about it. Of course not everything has been installed into it yet but there's is tons of room in this thing compared to the normal store bought mid-tower cases that the general public has become accustomed to.
    Even though it's not completed yet, I can't see me ever going back to a store bought computer ever again.
    Settling for a Yugo when you can build (and afford) your own Corvette makes much more sense.

    And OMG the fan on the top.....Hugo Giganticus Maximus!!! 200 freakin mm. When my computer illiterate buddy saw it he asked if it was suppose to fly or something lol. Biggus Dickus would be proud lol.

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    lol, hey man you wont be disapointed with your gt! i own one..well two lol and i will tell you now, these cards will play anything you throw at them!! congrats! make sure you get us some pictures of everything when you have it setup

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    Will do Razer. The first finished pics will be rudimentary, just the finished build and afterwards I've already got two designs in my head to radically mod it. Have to figure out which one though.

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    Well even better news now. Instead of simply going with a BFG 8800 GT OC card I'll be going SLI right away . I picked up another card on E Bay for less than half the current retail value (including shipping).
    The processor, OEM fan and heatsink came in today (AMD Opteron 170 dually) and I'm debating about whether or not to lap the proccy and the heatsink before the mobo arrives?
    Hopefully the mobo arrives before the 2nd GPU so I can see if there's much difference in running SLI. Do pretty much all games run in SLI or are there a few that just won't do it? I was wondering about that yesterday.
    For the ones that won't run in SLI would you have to remove the 2nd GPU or can you simply shut it off?

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    no.....if a game wont run in sli it just wont use your second card, you then will probs notice that your game performance will lack unless you use the ntune control panel to just turn sli off, but if your like me you find ways nhancer will help that problem, heres a ex that i had,

    i bought race driver grid, i used 2x 8800gt cards,
    my frames were crappy and gameplay was rubbish untill i turned sli of, then gameplay was fine! so i got enhancer and hey guess what...installed enhance and now i dont have any problems with race driver grid, and it works fine with both of my cards!,

    ok so thats old now but that is what did, sli should help with most recent games although it can be funny at times, but theres so much you can do to help it, although well worth it mind!

    hope that info helps!

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    Cool, thanks Razer. I am totally new to SLI so this is a big boost of info for me. Where do I find enhancer?

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.



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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    lol dex said it all have you been to the nvidia sli forums? there is so much info there it is worth taking a look in, will help yu out loads! any more info and im happy to help

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    Thanks Dex and Razer . Yes I saw the SLI forum but I can't sign up yet since my system isn't built. Apparently they do a scan of your system to insure that it's truly SLI before you register but from what I hear the goodies they send ya are awsome.

    I'm going to have to play with enhancer a bit.

    Along those same lines you (anyone here) may want to check out Alacritypc

    It turns off uneeded programs while your game playing after you've input a few game files for the software to recognize. It actually works pretty good and does what it says in increasing your FPS for free. Saw it in CPU and thought it was worth a try .

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    Woot! 8800 GT OC 512Mb DDR3, I done it.

    As my luck would have it I've now got almost all the components on hand...except the mobo. Apparently Asus is still working on it according to the latest update I got from them a few days ago.

    My 2nd BFG 8800 GT OC arrived from the postal system today and just needs a place to call home.

    I also ordered 2 x 1 GB sticks of G.SKILL DDR PC3200/400 and they should be arriving in the next day or two as well. At that point all my components will have arrived except again...the mobo.

    The one thing I'm contemplating is running 3 Gb but can't figure out as far as OC'ing it which route to go?

    1) 3-1Gb sticks

    2) 2-1Gb sticks & 2-512 sticks (This would fill all 4 RAM slots)

    What I'm wondering about is, doesn't the RAM have to operate at all the same levels or can each stick be set manually and run in collusion successfully?

    Reasoning: XP won't operate a full 4 Gb of RAM even though it's reported as it's max. Normally only 3.1 - 3.3 Gb is actually able to be used so why waste? Hence 3 Gb.

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