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Thread: NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    Introducing the first gaming mouse from the award winning NZXT design team, as with all of NZXT's PC accessories, Avatar is designed to provide gamers with the ultimate crafted gaming armor to emerge victorious in the gaming arena of choice.

    Check out the Contest Page to see how you can win it!

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    Dammit, its only open to us citizens, Can I enter if I pay for postage?

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    On the contest page the send email link uses:
    The enter contest button uses: [email protected]
    The sample email shows: [email protected]

    Which is correct?

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    either email will work as they all go to me :-)

    just want to make sure that there are no excuses not to enter...LOL

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    the mi-contest one "[email protected]" (copy pasted out of the delivery failure message) bounced for me. I sent another one to AF's email (from the button), and it didnt bounce.

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    Not sure why it bounced unless the mail program just happen to have a brain fart. I reset the addy this morning to have them both going to the same location... As AF stated though, they all end in the same spot .

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    I just realized that my first contest entry didn't contain the answer to the question. I sent another email with the answer.

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    OK, will look for it.

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    Was a winner selected?

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    NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway!

    Will be announced tonight :-)

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