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Thread: G1 Phone..what ya think?

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    G1 Phone..what ya think?

    Well I am sure we all have heard about the new Google phone and some may even have one. But one again you have to be tied to a carrier in order to get it...BLAH. Why are we not like other countries that allow any phone to work on any network? Why Greed..they know people want the phone so lets make them jump through hoops and switch carrier and what not to get a damn phone.

    OK so the OS is open source, but how far will T-Mobile allow people to screw with it? You know the first program will be how you can use the phone as a gateway for your laptop to the internet. Is there a restriction on this already from T-Mobile?

    Oh, BTW I am getting a bit worried. Is it just me or is Google trying to take over the world and we are letting it happen. Are we becoming Google drones? Everyone hates Microsoft about making products that we all use, but when Google does it it does not bother us? Have all "drank the cool-aid"?

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    G1 Phone..what ya think?

    So no one here has a G1 Phone? I am with sprint and got Zero cool stuff :-(

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    G1 Phone..what ya think?

    I has the cheapest buy 1 get 4 free phone from ATT.

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    G1 Phone..what ya think?

    lol, yeah I got the cheapest phone from sprint as well. I'd love a cool fancy phone but I'd tire of it in a day probably. I barely use the phone I have now. LOL.

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