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Thread: Extra Monitor(s)?

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    Extra Monitor(s)?

    I just grabbed myself a pretty nice looking 19" CRT, and I just want to span my desktop on it. The only problem is, one of the guys I helped over the summer managed to end up with my vga-dvi adapter, so I cant hook it up to my 7800GT. I grabbed an old PCI vga card thinking I could just use it as a secondary monitor connection, but it took over the primary GPU spot from the 7800GT, so now I can't get my main display to work.

    Any thoughts besides just buying another vga dvi adapter?

    EDIT: I found the PCIe/PCI video init switch buried 5 menus into the bios, so now I can switch cards at boot time, but I can't have both running at the same time. I know this used to be possible with AGP/PCI, did something change with vista/pcie?

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    Extra Monitor(s)?

    I had a hd2900 running 2 monitors and when I got a third just ordered a cheap, $15 hd3400 to run it. It loaded up to vista no problem first time, and It just installed and was then working. Though I am occationally having some trouble with it most of the time It works fine, and even different brand cards should be ok.

    When you boot with the pcie card do you see the pci card in the hardware manager?

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    Extra Monitor(s)?

    Yeah, I've done just about that same thing, except for me it worked. I'd recommend poking the bios more, or just buying an adapter.

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    Extra Monitor(s)?

    Are you using XP or Vista? Have you checked the display settings to see if you can choose your default display device?

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    Extra Monitor(s)?

    I checked around, and apparently for vista based drivers you have to have the same manufacturer for both cards. I could use any card that runs on the current forceware drivers ( back to the fx5200 ), but because its not an nvidia card, it will only use one or the other.

    On vista 32bit, apparently you can force the install of the XP version, and it will let you get around the same manufacturer requirement, but no such luck on Vista 64 (no "compatibility mode" for XP64).

    Oh well.... I guess I will just have to chuck some money at the problem.

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    Extra Monitor(s)?

    but because its not an nvidia card, it will only use one or the other..
    Uh...that is your answer. :wink:

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    Extra Monitor(s)?

    Sorry to hijack your topic but...

    I have a Tri-SLI board arriving soon, and have a GTX 280 for that build. I also have a matched pair of 8800GTS's. Would I be able to use the GTX 280 as my primary GPU, but still use the pair of 8800's in SLI for a second monitor? I'm not sure what I would accomplish with that set-up really, but I suppose it would be a bit of a talking point.

    Thanks guys,

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    Extra Monitor(s)?

    yeah... I discovered that through painful hour(s) at the google prompt, AF.

    And britrb... as far as I know, no. You could set up the SLi as primary though I think....

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