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Thread: Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

    Hey Guys, ive just finished building my 1st case mod and love it.....i'm a little scared of using it for heavy periods of times, or even leaving it on and going somewhere, as it's made out of wood....i'm sure it'll be okay but thats just me.

    Note: I have been using 11mm and 18mm MDF wood for my case mod!

    My question is whether or not it's safe to have a wood enclosed case mod for everyday use?......ive been monitoring my case temps..


    My P4 northwood is running at 38-40c, and the system at 28-30c....i havent had a chance to monitor my HDD yet though..

    I have setup four fans inside of the case mod, and have placed the psu fan in a way to have it disperse air accordingly aswell.....the fans seem to do a good job in cooling.

    heres a few pics of my setup:

    link to my case mod during beginning stages (all done now):

    Anyway - im designing my next case mod, which also will be made out of wood, but this time it's going to be my file server, easily will have up to 15HDD's inside of it....will this be SAFE? really good at Woodwork just so you know my reason...

    Any advise MUCH APPRECIATED))

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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

    from a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) sheet for MDF Wood

    [pre]Fire Fighting Measures
    Flammability : Material will burn.
    LEL: 40 gr/m3 for wood dust.
    Auto ignition Temperature: 425 - 475 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Flash Point : NA
    Extinguishing Media: Use water, dry chemical or carbon dioxide (CO2) to extinguish flames.
    Fire Fighting Instructions: Evacuate area. Firefighters should use standard protective equipment and
    in enclosed spaces, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Use
    water spray to cool fire exposed surfaces and to protect personnel.[/pre]

    Unless the surface gets up to 425f you will be not to scare you but we have heard of CCFL's burning up. Not the lights but the power pack. That is why LED's are the way to go :-)

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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

    Youre scaring me now with the CCFL's.....can i even get a LED light thats could replace ccfl's???


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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

    Sure I just use some in a mod and I like them better the CCFLs

    just hit ebay and search "led light strip" most are 12v like this one... ectronics_Parts_Accessories?hash=item120380919389& _trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205|66%3A2|65 %3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

    Cheers mate, ive noticed that my Blue CCFL cathodes, even though they aren't UV cathodes - they still make my UV sensitive sleeved cables all glow in the dark....will LED's be the same?....thats my only gripe...other than that - im all for security

    Also, when i switch off my CCFL lights right now, is the inverter still charging?? thinking of disconnecting them!....nothings worth my case mod getting destroyed

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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

    yes LED's will do the same and you can even get UV LEDs another huge advantage to LED's is that you don't have the inverter to worry about or the wire length ect.

    LEDs can be very bright to look at so I also hide them from the view so you can't look directly at them...


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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...


    Thanks mate, you just made my day!!!....

    Watch this space - FILE SERVER CASE MOD out of LEDs and MDF WOOD you think i should be alright with wood then yes?.....i cant wait for my next mod

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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

    Hey guys, for my casemod to look the way i want it case components will need to be installed into a Plexi Enclosure....

    Is acrylic safe for a file server case, which more than likely will get quite warm??? sure it should be fine, since companies are now building acrylic cases from the factory...

    Also is it possible to get green acylic sheets?

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    Is WOOD safe for a 24/7 Case Mod?...

    Yes and Yes.

    Go with at least 1/4 inch thick plexi :-)

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