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Thread: New toy coming :)

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    New toy coming :)

    Thought I'd try my hand at some airbrushing ... mainly just touch up and little details. But who knows.


    TG#2-TALON Double-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush
    A-1/8-6 6' Braided Air Hose w/Couplings
    TAL-35 Allen Wrench
    TAL-38 Wrench
    V-62 Wrench
    A-34 Hanger
    TTALB “22 Airbrush Lessons” Booklet
    Parts List and Storage Case

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    New toy coming :)

    Sweet! Dual action too...I hear thats the way to go. I have a single action one and so far it has done me just fine.

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    New toy coming :)

    Those Talons have been well recieved in Airbrush Action magazine.
    Supposed to be a direct competitor to the Iwata HP-CS. Congrats, that should be a sweet brush to use!
    I have a CS that is new/in box out in the garage, jusr need time to pull it out and get my hours in with it....

    Cant wait to see what you do with it!

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    New toy coming :)

    That looks really nice bud. Sweet buy!

    I really need to get one of these and mess around with it. Seems like it would be a lot of fun.

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