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Thread: Custom fan gaurd...directing the air.

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    Custom fan gaurd...directing the air.


    I want to cool this area (see red circle) off with a custom fan guard (see fig. 2) that pulls the air in from a specific direction.

    Would it work okay?

    Fig. 1

    Fig. 2

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    Custom fan gaurd...directing the air.

    if there is a fan pushing air throught he fan gaurd it should yes otherwise most likly not.

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    Custom fan gaurd...directing the air.

    Well it all depends. Is the setup in the picture the actual rig? Where you are plaining to install the fan is close to where normally a fan on the back side of the case is. If this is correct then you will be "short cycling the air flow and end up doing yourself more harm. Another thing to think about is the fan from the CPU. This air is forced down and through the cooler then that air is suppose to finds its way to anything close to it to help keep that item cool. Adding a cooler that blows inward may do battle with the CPU cooler. Now if a small piece of duct was used to direct the air directly over the heat pipes then you would be sure to cool them off.

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    Custom fan gaurd...directing the air.

    Did I mention I'm a

    Here's a better understanding.

    The fan (120mm x 25mm) will be an exhaust fan... The heat from the cpu is drawn down and out to the sides. Normally to the front (DIMMS) and rear of the case.

    The mobo I will be using has that heatsink on it. So I thought by putting in a fan duct, I could pull the air from the sides of the cpu and over the heatsink and up through and out. A type of directing the air over it than just having it pull air in from all around the case.

    I saw something like it on dell computers some time ago and thought, hmm directional air flow.

    Arrows showing the flow of warm air being exhausted out.

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    Custom fan gaurd...directing the air.

    Done that way... yes. Your thinking is correct, and dell makes good use of shrouds on their internal builds.
    You need to get that vent down near the pipe fins for max effectiveness, but you will be pulling in air at an accelerated rate over the finning, which will increase the cooling.


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    Custom fan gaurd...directing the air.

    Thanks Tech.

    That is what I plan to do. As close as possible for maximum air channeling. Once I get it mounted, I will remove it, and paint it anodized red just like the PCI tool-less parts.

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