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Thread: RROD 360

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    RROD 360

    Well, as everyone knows, the 360 has issues. RRODs. It's gotten better, only to get it's ass kicked some more with the NXE update. Anyways, I'm working on getting rid of the issue and keeping it from coming back again. For me at least.

    Anyways, I have 2 360s that have gotten the RROD. They will be used for this project. I have a small little parts list, which will change as time goes on. Mod ideas change as you mod. Can't help it.

    Lian Li PC-V800B case
    PC Power and Cooling 370w PSU
    2 x Scythe Karma Angle heatsinks
    2 x Japanese 360 Cores
    PS3 power connector
    24 pin to 20 pin ATX converter

    Because I move cities, countries, etc every 2-3 years, I can't get any good tools. My tools are a dremel, various bits, jeweler's screw set, and a gerber multi-tool. Gonna be rough. I bought a 15w soldering iron. Wish I bought a higher wattage one now, since 15w just isn't enough for what I wanted to do, so had to adjust. Also got a heatgun to fix the RROD issue. I'm gonna try overheating it and maybe a better fit heatsink will solve the issue. Kind of lazy to heatgun it.

    The heatsinks sitting on the mobo. They aren't properly mounted. Just done for the pic. I have to make some custom brackets, as the mount holes are way close. I also have to cut up the heatsinks to make them fit in the case. It looks like the heatsinks contain no liquid. Wasn't a wick in it either. Maybe further down, maybe not. Who knows. Anyways, I'll test it out after the mod before giving the okay. If it doesn't work, I'll have to get some new heatsinks or go watercooling. It's a bish trying to get heatsinks that'll fit in on the 360.

    If I go watercooling, it won't require much. Just a new pump, radiator, and resevoir. I still have the waterblocks from the last time I watercooled.

    How it'll end up looking in the case. Will of course get a bunch of other mods to make the hdd and dvd-rom drive to fit.

    I drilled out the rivets for the PCI/mobo backing a couple days ago. Yesterday I also found some mesh to fill the void at a local hardware store.

    I was going to solder wires directly to the mobo, but 15w soldering iron simply isn't enough and I don't feel like buying a new one. So, cut up the 360's PSU. Soldered on some connectors and they're going up to a euro terminal block. I'll be connecting a molex and 24 pin ATX up to the other side. I don't want to tear apart the PSU, not to mention when I get a better soldering iron, it'll be easy to remod it.

    As the PSU is all internal, it uses a cable to extend the plug to the back of the case. Since the PSU will be in an "always on" state, I'm swapping the end to one with a power switch. When I turn off the 360, I want it to be completely off.

    This mod will take a while, as I don't have time to work on it during the weekdays. I work Swings I have an odd sleep schedule. So not much hours during the weekends to work on it either. Not to mention, quiet hours on Sunday. Anything that doesn't require a dremel can be done whenever though, since it makes no noise.

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    RROD 360

    oh...just finished this up.

    Soldered the PS3 power connector on. Also the cable higher up is the dvd-rom power/eject cable. I had to extend it out, since the dvd-rom will get mounted further away. I'll get some spiral wrap for it later. Right now just some solder wire wrapped on it to make it look neat.

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    RROD 360

    MMmmmm.... looks fun!
    INteresting project and I look forward to seeing the results!

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    RROD 360

    SWEET!! Putting the 360 into a real PC case, probably where it belongs anyways... ;-)

    This one will be a good one to watch.

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    RROD 360

    Coming up with some random ideas for the dvd-rom. With the plastic legs on it, it's too large to fit into a 5.25" bay. I cut those off, but of course, without them it's too small. I think I'll be cutting out a window, then wrapping it with the mesh. Add a few LEDs in it also to get a glow effect out of the mesh. The mesh will also help me to mount the drive to the case.

    All I've done for today is solder some wires to the light/power PCB and also onto the mobo. I'd like to solder some wires and LEDs onto the light/power PCB, but the contact points are close. Probably too close for my soldering skills.

    Forgot to pick up some silicone adhesive to seal up the heatsink. I'll be able to test it out today. I'll be mounting it to a C2D E4500 (2.2 ghz). See how it compares to the stock Intel heatsink.

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    RROD 360

    hey man intresting mod, dont know how i miss these 360 mods, i dont like the console but i do like it when people mod them like this!

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    RROD 360

    After I get this one up and running, I'll be starting on a PS3 mod. Anyways...

    The heatsink is a no go. Just tested it out. The stock Intel heatsink has the proc around 40C at 35-40% load, while the modified has it around 55C at 35-40% load.

    Sucks, the heatsinks were perfect for the mod, cept that they're too tall. Well, it'll give someone else some ideas if they decide to do the same, cept use a larger case.

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    RROD 360

    Got new heatsinks. Going with the Asus Triton 70. Fits well on the mobo and in the case. So I'll need to make some mounting brackets for it.

    I also edited a picture and sent it to have laser engraved onto a 11"x11" window. Here's the picture.

    I also did some cutting to the case, but I need to clean it up. Also got what I needed to make 90 degree bends for the new backing.

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    RROD 360

    Well, my window came in. Time to stop procrastinating and get back to modding.

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    RROD 360

    man that window looks sweet!!! when you going to start this ps3 mod aswel?? very intrested in the idea!

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