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Thread: CPU Magazine and case modding

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    CPU Magazine and case modding

    Another computer magazine (not named at this time) has decided that it was time to cancel their MOD of the Month. Hmm, I guess us modders really don't matter to them that much or maybe their readers? Well anyways I had given up on that mag a long time ago and switched to (Computer Power User) CPU Magazine

    CPU has been the ones that have really been helping the modding scene out. The monthly winner gets on the cover, a 2 page spread and few $'s...just 1500.00 USD . Many of us here have had direct connect with the people that run CPU for a few years and they truly are in touch with the modding scene.

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    CPU Magazine and case modding

    Woot for CPU back in the day I was a fan of that "other mag" but as an IT Pro and hardware freak I enjoy reading CPU the content in every issue is great!....This month has a very simple but nice case on the front!!! Thanks for winning the big game Steelers!!!


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    CPU Magazine and case modding

    I'm pretty disappointed that MOTM was cut out. Although I must admit I haven't really been impressed with their picks as of late.

    I have been a fan of CPU magazine for a long time as well and really enjoy the content. Seems it's more technical and advanced. I usually learn some things reading it. I miss the mod shop too and wish they would have let MI continue it. I know MI has had a good relationship with them in the past and hopefully we can continue to build on that. maybe make this the official Modding forum for CPU.

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    CPU Magazine and case modding

    Props to CPU magazine for always supporting the community since day 1.

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    CPU Magazine and case modding

    maybe make this the official Modding forum for CPU.
    Been trying...maybe an email campaign would help ;-)

    I just think that we need to support those that support our hobby. The Intel LAN fest sponsorship is a huge set for Modders and the attention they will be getting.

    It is time to get modding back into the spotlights of the computer world. You all know for a fact that if it was not for us case modders that the rest of the world would still be looking at a beige box on their desktop.

    This month has a very simple but nice case on the front!!! Thanks for winning the big game Steelers
    Yes congrats on the cover and spread ( it is like your second time now?), but I think you know how I feel about the Steelers since I live in AZ.

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    CPU Magazine and case modding

    I have a print subscription to the "other magazine." However, that was mainly because of the ModShop and a super cheap ($5) subscription price. I read the magazine each month and noticed last month there wasn't a Mod of the Month, which really disappointed me. To be honest, the content isn't that impressive and will let my sub run out.

    I've signed up for the 3 free issues for CPU now and likely will get at least a year sub, money willing. Sounds like a better mag overall for my interests.

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    CPU Magazine and case modding

    CPU magazine has their own forums already, even though it really isn't well visited. I love their mag too, but the subscription cost is high. I just wish I could get published and score a free subscription!

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    CPU Magazine and case modding

    I don't bother with any other magazines except CPU and Smart Computing which I use all the time as a reference guide repairing and working on home computers.
    Personally I'll pay the few extra dollars for quality over quantity. After seeing what PC Mag and some of the other rags have done in becoming advertisement vehicles above content, I don't need to be paying for bloated advertising supplements that call themselves computer magazines.

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