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Thread: DVI-I / DVI-D? BFG 8800GT OC SLI

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    DVI-I / DVI-D? BFG 8800GT OC SLI

    Ok here's one for the GPU wizards.

    I currently am running BFG8800GT OC in SLI mode (2). This past weekend I bought an Acer AL2216W monitor for $119.99 (open box item ). I tried connecting the DVI-D cord to the DVI-I outputs on both of my cards (2 on each) and the monitor continues to read NO SIGNAL?
    What am I doing wrong or what am I missing?
    Help Please!

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    DVI-I / DVI-D? BFG 8800GT OC SLI

    Uninstall one card and boot up so SLI becomes disabled. After than make sure it has the current drivers are installed for the one card. You will have to try both connectors on the DVI ports, one of them should work in single card operation. Once you have one working. Power down and install the second card. It should automatically install the drivers. Once it has, reboot and enable SLI after it boots up.

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    DVI-I / DVI-D? BFG 8800GT OC SLI

    Any update to this? I don't run SLi, poor boy here, but the info would be nice to have.

    Now you said DVI-I and DVI-D...if I am not mistaking DVI-I is digital and analog with the same cable (most video cards have that port) and DVI-D is a digital only cable. I am not sure if that would effect anything or not about this issue.

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    DVI-I / DVI-D? BFG 8800GT OC SLI

    You are correct sir he he he (Ed McMahon laughter). The cable is DVI-D and the cards are DVI-I. As far as I know there are no DVI-I cables. I checked all the local electronics stores and the only things available were HDMI, VGA, DVI-D as far as cable types.

    I'll try your recommendation Tazz and let you know how it goes. Not sure it will get done tonight though just got done a 12 hour day of construction in the 92 degree heat here. I will follow up on this to let you know how it goes though.

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    DVI-I / DVI-D? BFG 8800GT OC SLI

    can i also add, the monitor may have a button to choose between analog and digital, i had the same problem as you untill i figurd this out lol

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