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Thread: The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001

    Hello everybody! It's been awhile! Again! Anyways,... i'm trying for a slow come back here Your probably all wondering what happened!?!? Well,... I'd rather not talk about the details. But,... in a nutshell. I dont have a place to do my work. All of my gear is in storage. Thats the bad news. The good news on the other hand is that my girlfriend and I are planning on getting a house in the next few weeks I'm actually suppose to be browsing through hordes of real estate listings now but,... ehhh, I'd rather post this worklog

    Anyways, this house is either going to have a nicely sized detached garage already waiting for me or it wont and I'll just build A BIG one A REALLLLLY BIG one Yes. It's going to be big It's has to be big because I plan on building 3 CNC machines as soon as possible. A router, and laser, and a plasma cutter. They are going to be huge. The router im design now is going to have a footprint of about 6' x 10'. I'll be able to feed this router 4' x 8' shets of material easily. Laser and plasma cutter will be just as big. So yea. I have a lot going on right now.

    I have been learning CAD and soon I start learning CAM and everything else involved with CNC. The only stuff I can post right now is the progress of my machines in CAD. Eventually I will bring them to life like I did everything else in the past

    So yea. Let's get started.

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001


    Here's basically where I started with my cnc router. I've never built one before so I didnt really know where to start. I decided that starting from the inside and working my way out was the best way to go. So I started with the spindle. I know what spindle I want so im going to build off of that. Even if I wasn't sure what spindle I wanted, I'd still start with the spindle or the spindle brackets. Start with a basic shape and go on from there. You can always go back to make changes. Fine tune the machine To the pics!

    Now im just playing around here Here's what I approximately what I want for the spindle brackets and the z axis carriage plate. I'm going to make changes to it but it is close.

    This side of the z axis carriage plate, is threaded. I want to try and cut down on the use of nuts Notice there are 8 bolts installed.

    This side the holes are not threaded. Notice you only see 4 bolts on this side I forgot to get a pic of it but the other 4 bolts are on the inside of the spindle brackets. They are holding the spindle brackets to the plate with the threaded holes which is mounted to the other gantry. So if I remove the 4 bolts you can see in the pic,... that plate will come off but the spindle will still be attached to the other plate. Reason being that I'm going to have two gantry's. This way I can seperate the gantry's easily. The spindle will still be attached to the main gantry. The 4 bolts you see in the pic pass completely through the spindle brackets, pulling the one gantry towards the other, sandwiching the spindle and brackets. I'll get pics of this another time.

    Here's a top shot. You see the 4 nylon washers? This is so you cant tighten one side of the bracket significantly more than the other. The nylon brackets can be compressed a tiny bit which is more than enough to firmly mount the spindle. 4 nylon washers for 4 bolts

    An orthographic shot.

    Some more shots,...


    This machine is going to be BIG and very HEAVY. I'm using mostly 1/4" thick steel. Very heavy. Till next time.

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001


    Ok, here's my gantry idea. This is the y axis. It's about 7" tall from point to point. It's about 2" wide. Lastly,... it's 66 inches long. 5'5",... thats almost as tall as me There will be two of these that will sandwich the spindle. Thats a lot of welding:


    Till next time. Let me know what you think. Again, this isn't final. I will be making changes to it. Peace.

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001

    Holly smokes man that is going to be some setup you will have there! Are you going to keep it private or will you be doing "work for hire"?

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001

    Work for hire of course!!! I have to make money and I need I want to contribute to the modding community too by offering my services

    What is my whole worklog a double post?!?! Thats a first.

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001


    Ok, here's what I got right now. Not as much as I thought I would be posting but it's better than nothing. I just kep t redoing stuff because of uncertainty. But I have a lot of the siving figured out for this machine. I serioulsy had to sit down and think it through hard. Because it's that important.

    Ok,... here's one side of the gantry. THis is just a sizing up phase. There's so much missing. I'm just trying to get a feel for how big things need to be. The Y axis rail you see here is 10" tall rfom point to point and 5.5' long. 10" tall to insure that it can hold the weight of the spindle, the Z axis stepper motor, etc without dipping down when these components make their way to the center of the ganrty. This Y axis rail is also 2" wide to insure that is wont flex back and forth. 2" in width really has nothing to do with the actual width of the gantry when it comes to strength. You probably thinking 2" of steel. By having a 2" wide gantry of this style, I am able to use a 1.5" x 1.5" angle iron that has a thickness of 1/4". This angle iron is the most important part. It's does most of the work, at least when it comes down to prventing flexing forward and backwards. Hard to explain.

    Here's the Y carriage I think its callled. I call it the sled For whatever reason. It has two jobs. It carries the spindle across the Y axis and provides a rail the the Z axis sled which isn't shown in the pic. Just the Zaxis bearings. The bearing are everyday 8mm x 22mm x 7mm skate bearings. Why skate bearings? Because their cheap!!! The v-groove bearings I wanted to use are $10 each!!! I would need 34 of them!!! You do the math.

    Here comes the hard part to explain. I wanted the bearings for the Y axis sled to be as wide as possible to promote rigidness. I was shooting for about 12" from bearing center to bearing center. Right now I am at 10". Which is the minimum for the gantry and 10" from point to point. 10" x 10" is a square. Thats good because that square can move in any direction without losing rigidness due to an uneven size. So lets say for example I have the gantry at 10" from point to point(tip of angle iron on both sides) and the length from bearing center to bearing center for the sled moving on the Y axis was only 4". It's hard to explain but the ends would kind of drag. Now,... the distance between Y axis bearing centers is 10". That doesnt mean the Z axis rail from point to point is or has to be 10". It cant be actually. For this design,... the length of the Z axis rail cant be any longer than the overall distance from the very top of the top Y axis bearing to the very bottom of the bottom Y axis bearing. Reason being that I plan on adjusting bearing tension with very thing shims. So, that over distance is about 11.75". So I made the Z rail 11.625" long. Now you figure out how much Z asix travel you want for the spindle to move. I want 4" total. 11.625" - 4" = 7.625" left. I rounded down a bit to be safe. So I have 7.5" MAX for the Z axis bearings. THe bearing are .86614 in diameter, I rounded them up to 1" for reasons of simplicity and clearance. So of the max space of 7.5" you subtract the radius of each bearing which is .5"(half of the forgiving 1&#34 so that leaves us with 6.5" from bearing cetner to bearing center. So now I know how wide my Z rail should be,... around 6.5" I made mine 7.5" which is obviously larger than 6.5". I would of loved to have a perfect square like the Y axis bearing are to the Y rail but 6.5 x 6.5 is getting kind of small. I gave the width that extra inch because the area is small enough to the point the dragging ends and flexing isnt all that bad. So yeah. But do you see how the size of one things totally affects another? Did you guys understand any of that? LOL. I hope so. I tried to explained.

    Her's and orthographic shot of the side of this assembly.

    An orthographic shot of the top.

    Here's a shot of the front. 5'6" across! This thing will be able to chew up 4'x8' sheets of whatever! I think I'll get one of the warning signs about watching your fingers. You know the one where the finger is like brutally cut with some kind of blade signifying danger! This is thing is a finger guillotine!

    Here's the Y sled and Z bearings alone.

    Renders,... I have to practice my rendering skills.
    0.jpg" alt="" />

    Till next time. If you guys have any questions. Please ask. You can add me to skype if you like too. Skype = cvriv.charles. I need skype friends.

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001


    Ok. I made some changes. I made this changes because I would of ended up running into a load of problems with the last design. Tha last deisng being completely welded. The problem with that is welding deformation. It can be done,... just not by me with what I have available. Also,... the last design for the gantry half weighed 60lbs. Thats 60lbs just for the one gantry half. There 2 gantry's total so thats 120lbs so far and I still have tons more to add to the gantry. So here what I have come up with.

    It's a completely bolt together design. IT s a combination of aluminum and steel. The gantry itself is made of 6061 aluminum and the bearing track surface is steel. The aluminum angle is 2"x2"x3/8". The ribs are 1/2" thick. I want to than tich to help prevent the angles from shifting from side to side!?! I dont know whats what with this thing, front, back side etc. Anyways.

    Seeing that the ribs a bit thicker I decided to use less of them. They are spaced apart about 4.5" and there are 14 of them spanning 65".

    There are eight 8-32 socket bolts per ribs to ensure that everything it held together tight. I will be using locktite. 4 of the the bolts per rib pass through the aluminum angle only. The other 4 pass through both the steel track and the aluminum angle.

    I have the steel track in place for the bearings. Thebearing is mated with the aluminum wouldnt last to long because the bearing would leave a nasy impression inot he aluminum ruining what precision the machine does have.

    This stucture you see here only weighs 43.725lbs. Thats alot but this is a big machine and big machines most of the time weigh alot. It's nothing compared to the 60lbs the last one weighed. I tried to use only a steel angle witht he aluminum ribs but that just didnt work. Witht eh sizes available, 1.5"x1/4" steel angle woudl of only weighed a shy less then what you see now. But I feel as if it wouldnt be as rigid as what you see because the angle is shorter in side length plus the bolts would be closer together, killing some strength. The next size up for the steel angle is 2"x1/4" and that would easily weigh this thing past the weight for this one. Plus it would be very wide at 2.5". That would mean wider ribs which would add more weight. SO i think this is it. What do you all think?!?!?

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001

    hmm...I think you under an alias .....Tribal are we?

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001

    hmm...I think you under an alias .....Tribal are we?
    Yes. It's me. Hi

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    The Elite Modder - CVRIV_MECHMATE_001

    Yes it has been a long time no see. What up? You still doing the ACRyan thing or you all out on your own.

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