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Thread: Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    If you have any questions about the contest please ask them here so that everyone can see it and the response.

    Thank you!

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    This is a great contest for a newbie with great ideas and little modding skill, but for some of us with real mod ability it's kinda lame. Any real modder would want to build his own mod. That's the great thing about modding. Plus how well will your ideas really be translated by somebody else? No offense to the builders.
    I give you guys props for drawing in a new audience. I hope it does what you want.
    I'm responding to this, because I received an email stating everyone can 'participate in one form or another'.

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    Wow sorry you feel that way, but lame? Hmmm... how? I see it as putting the 5 modders to the ultimate test of taking someones thoughts and creating a mod and then making that one better than all the rest. It is not that easy taking another person idea and make it a reality. And yes everyone can particulate, like you did, or they be creative and submit something that will challenge the modders and have a chance to win some great prizes. It is your choice

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    Yo DSC... if it is not too much trouble, how about you come up with a winning design? Pro modder or newbie modder can participate, and that is the draw. It's not going to be a "who has the best fabrication resources at their disposal" type of contest... or a david trying to mod against a Goliath. It give *everyone* the ability to participate to try and get one of their case mods realized by someone with potentially more experiences/resources available to them. It even's the competition by taking them out of their "comfort zone" and makes them look at someone else's design and build it... Anyone can come up with a winning idea, and potentially win the rig they dreamed up.... that is a pretty cool concept that, afaik, has not been done.

    So, while I respect your freedom to say what you want about this contest, your statement quantifying the contest as "lame" is rude and disrespectful. Sounds to me like you are bit bent that you did not receive an invitation...

    If you dont like the premise of the competition, move on then... these are not the droids you are looking for.

    But if you do want to compete on a semi-different level than what you are used to... give it a shot! We would love to see a design from you!

    Being staff.... I'm not thinking I'm allowed to submit... AF, is that right?

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!


    I appreciate the fact that they are trying something new, but as with anything new it appeals to some and not to others. Frankly if I have an idea, I will be the one creating it. I find that the visceral connection brings me the most joy when it comes to modding. If you take that away, then the real challenge is diminished. Have you thought of this in reverse? What if you came up with the idea and I had to build it? Do you see what I mean? If not don't worry about it. That's why we are all different.

    Actually I think their selection of modders is great. I hope you guys can find this contest challenging.

    I qualified my statement, so if you find it rude, I apologize, but that is the way I feel.
    Good luck to you all.

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    Well, hell why don't you add an idea that is challenging?

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    There are some really creative people out there that do not have the time, tools, or resources BUT can release their ideas here. My hopes where that modders, as yourself, would help challenge the modders. I would also hope that you would help spread the word. But I do appreciate your thoughts and feelings about modding as it is my passion too and I hope we can help others understand what we do and enjoy doing. :-) Enjoy the competition!

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    I was wondering, for the $500 dollar components that just includes the Mobo, Processor, Ram, HD, and dvd Drive right? and not the keyboard, mouse?

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    The $500 is a limit set for the Pro Modders (go over to the Meet The Modders section to see who they are) use to help keep the contest on a somewhat level playing field. The Zotac ITX 330 comes with everything on it except the Memory and the Hard Drive, which we have a sponsor for, but not yet ready to release the name yet. The keyboard and mice may also be sponsored as we are working on that too.

    Did that answer your question? :-)

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    Have a question about the contest? Ask it here!

    I believe so, Your saying that the 500 dollars is for the materials to build the case as opposed to the components inside a case right? So I would only need to do research of the materials that are going into my case and give the approx. amount that has to be 500 or less.

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