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Thread: Mods Gone Wrong

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    Mods Gone Wrong

    Anyone got any pics of mods that haven't turned out to be totally awesome, or failed miserably?

    Just as a little encouragement to mere mortals like me...

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    Mods Gone Wrong

    I think I do but man it just hurts to look at

    There is nothing wrong with mods that have gone wrong. Most just never see the light of day maybe you should change the title to Mods Gone Wrong and see what turns up. I will have to see if I still have the images of one of them. Actually I still have the case ;-)

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    Mods Gone Wrong

    I think I just recently deleted the pics of some of my first mods...

    The very first mod I ever did was to put a window in the side of a full tower case about 8 years ago. I had the case panel sitting on the driveway while I ran in the house quick. My grandma came over and ran the side panel over. I spent several hours trying to fix it but could never get it to fit perfectly. At that point I decided to just leaved the cracked plexi in the side panel. After that, I was a little more careful :P

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    Mods Gone Wrong

    Hooboy. I think I am quite lucky that flickr ate my pictures from my first attempt. otherwise I would have to show you. It turned out spectacularly horrid, and I havent had the time or money to make a better version.

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    Mods Gone Wrong

    From five years ago...

    The idea started off good with a split door on the side with flames cut out. Water cooling was going to be at the front of the case with the hard drive mounted at the very top front of the case. After that it just never came together right. I kept running into stupid stuff and well it still sits in my shed out back.

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    Mods Gone Wrong

    I've had plenty mods that went wrong. You just don't see them because I usually end up having to fix em and figure out a way to turn lemons into lemonaid if you get my drift. Sometimes I have to do stuff 3-4 times to get it right. Of course I don't post up pics of the "test pieces" just the nice one that worked. LOL!

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    Mods Gone Wrong

    :lol: My project logs are a documentation of constant failure.
    I had some early experiments in northbridge waterblocks that all failed. Block 1: Lexan+antifreeze=cracked into a million pieces. Block 2: dropped the instant I finished polishing it. It was also to heavy to seat properly and burned out the board.

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