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Thread: X1900XTX 3Dmark scores

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    X1900XTX 3Dmark scores

    I will start it off ....

    This is a card I got from Sapphiretech for an upcoming mod. The card is a X1900XTX, btw it kick some butt!

    Hopefully I can tweak the card and get the scores way up there.

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    X1900XTX 3Dmark scores

    the X1900XTX worsk better at higher res and graphics, Try it on full everything and see how she works.

    Best card on the market right now. amazing capabilites and upgradeability.

    hope you get some higher scores. What are you running right now?

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    X1900XTX 3Dmark scores

    Actually that seems kinda low. My regular X1900 is pulling that. Unless it the RAM and CPU. What are the rest of the specs of your rig you are running?

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    X1900XTX 3Dmark scores

    The test system is a AMD 64 3500, 2 gig of pc3200, a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI, and the drivers that came with it.

    I did full testing with both 3dMarks. Maybe I should have done the defaults?

    After looking around abit the scores do seem to about right for the CPU I am using.

    I tried to do some overclocking on the card last night, but have not had much luck :-(

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    X1900XTX 3Dmark scores

    yeah, so far ATI tool is sucking big time for the newer ATI cards. I only have the paitence to OC using the CCC wich is terrible. If you look around you can find ways to do it using ATI tool and ATI OCer at the same time. I haven't done it because well...why? I mean I can play all my games on high no prob. Maybe someday when I am bored and have time I will mess with it again.

    Try doing the default runs and be sure to turn off you antivirus stuff and anything else in the background. The reason my score is about the same is probably my CPU. I bet if I put that card in my machine it would had a couple hundred points.

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    X1900XTX 3Dmark scores

    I have found that the same thing about all the ati overclocking tools for the x1900. Everytime I try to adjust the memory the card locks up.

    I did installed the 6.2 CCC drivers and gained 130 in 3DMark06 :-)

    So my new score for 3DM6 is 5154

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    X1900XTX 3Dmark scores

    yeah that 3500 is seriously bottlenecking your system. if you want a better score, then you can pick up a dual core and pick up a crossfire mobo.

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