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Thread: Screwing into Plexi

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    Screwing into Plexi

    Hey, I know, theres already two other plexi topics, but this doesnt really pertain to those two.

    Once I have all my plexi cut and bent how I would like it, how do I go about screwing into it? I assume that I drill a "pre-hole" through first, and then I just screw the screw in, is this correct, and is there any specific screws I should use (I will be screwing a hard drive and CD Rom drives, PSU and some other random stuff to the Plexi.).

    Also, since I am making my own case, its going to have aluminum in it (Is this a good metal choice for some sides, and most of the frame?) I will be screwing the mobo to the aluminum face, (On top of risers of course). Is this the same idea for aluminum as it is for Plexi?

    While im at it, I would assume that Hard Drives can be mounted upside down, and function properly right? Would you guys advise against this, just for the fear of dust getting on to them?

    I know I had another question, but I can't remember, so I guess thats all for now, thanks a lot guys.

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    Screwing into Plexi

    Well my first question would be are you using it to hold the case together or just to install your devices?

    How thick is the plexi? Screws like to crack thin plexi. If you really need to put screws in the plexi make sure that the hole is just a size larger and don't over tighten them. Do yourself a favor and practice with some scrap pieces.

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    Screwing into Plexi

    After planning (frustratedly planning) this case out, I have thought about it, and the screws will only be to hold the devices in place.

    Thanks for the tip, and just so I have it straight, if screwing through plexi into devices, make the hole one size larger then the screw itself?

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    Screwing into Plexi

    make the hole one size larger then the screw itself?
    sorry...only if you are going thru the plexi....

    Make the hole 1-2 sizes smaller than the screw itself if you plan to use it to hold it together or attach stuff to it.

    This is a pic of my PC Lucid Dream. I made it out of LEXAN

    Here is a link to my PC in CPU Magazine

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    Screwing into Plexi

    ah, ok, that makes a LOT more sence :P

    thx again AmericanFreak

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    Screwing into Plexi

    hey its great i kan actually talk to u.....i get CPU and loved ur rig......i was new to Case Mod God and now am at this...any way....where can i get LEXAN and how much is it???

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    Screwing into Plexi

    If you are looking for small pieces of lexan say 2' x2' you can sometimes find them at home depot, lowe's or a hard ware store. If you are looking for more, then you need to get out the phone book or search your local area with google. LEXAN is much stronger than plexi and cost alot more, as much as 2x as much. A 4' x 8' sheet can be as much as $200-300 it all depends on the type.

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    Screwing into Plexi

    well...thanx...but i have an idea of building some type of case with possibly like frosted lexan...(from wat is sounds like...i kan bput som blue lights and make an "ice" look ....but do you know of anywebsites

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