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Thread: p3 pain?

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    p3 pain?

    I have been going through the stuff the other night and found a p3 500... ive been trying to get it to work, i have tried about 10 different hdd ranging in size from about 5gig to 0.5gig, i have managed to get one to partiaclly install 98, but now it comes up with windows protection error and makes me restart. i have been able to fdisk/format hdd but when it comes to installing win then they just wont do it. not too sure why, and trust me its buging me! any ideas?? ive tried a known good hdd on it and it still didnt work, came up with errors.

    also... i wrote my car off on friday night.. im ok, but now im up for over a grand in expenses so i guess that nice new computer i was saving for is gone for the longer term... again :cry:

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    p3 pain?

    tested ram? what kind of error you get while installing windoze? what is the error msg you get with win98? will Roland reach the Dark Tower? (don't answer that one, i haven't read it yet)

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    p3 pain?

    hmm...onboard IDE controller problem, to me it sounds like.

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    p3 pain?

    basically it says, windows protection error. means as much to me as it does to you im guessing. will try testing the ram... if i can get it to. thinking about putting linux on it casue windows is playing up so much. might try swapping one of the ide cords over too. could be that! i will have to have a play with it more tonight, and see if i cant get anyhting to work will let you know in the morning.. i have no net at home at the moment!

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    p3 pain?

    right after spending a unevetual night, i pulled the whole system down and sat it on the table. i powered it up sitting on the table, and installed 98 on it, whilst i was hoilding the m/b... i puit it into another case and by this time i was gettting tired, i power it on and it wont go as far as to load 98... grrrr.. i thought i had the problem nutted out.. that somethingwas touching, perhaps there still is.. also, i think i had 2 different types of ram in the system which was part of th reason why it kept crashing....

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    p3 pain?

    that sort of thing has happened to me! the pc wouldnt do anything but boot, but when i took it out it was fine. it turned out it didnt like being grounded to the case. just get some plastic standoffs and that should cure your problem

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    p3 pain?

    well i have about 3-4 plastic ones in there, i'll have a hunt around to see if i cant find some others in other cases.. i now have net at home so i can kinda keep it updated a bit more! but the sooner i get my pc running - i woint have to share the net!

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    p3 pain?

    dang it.. i should say i had net.. i had broadband, but for now back to dial up.. so anyways, i found some more plastic standoffs, and put them in, took out the other metal standoffs, and hey presto, it works! i put a 32 meg matrox vid card in with dual head and i now have 2 monitors... only 15" ones but its better than one monitor! next thing.. is to try and find some funds to buy a few tools and have a play around with this case.. oh and i have a couple of pics as well, via a friend's webcam.. not great pics...

    so ideas would be appreciated.

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    p3 pain?

    if i where you, id deffinately move the PSu, where it is its blocking the CPU fan, and when i moved the one i had like that, i got lower temps by at least a few degrees C, and my northbridge stopped overheating. lol.

    have you got a side panel for this case? if so, window it, if not, make one from clear plexi, it would be so cool!

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    p3 pain?

    Glad to hear you got it up and running!! Great, and you're right 15's are better than none, so is dial-up. The old saying, sometimes you have to take 2 steps back for every 1 step forward, you'll get back to where you want to be, if there's anything that I have learned on this site, is that the members and staff are persistent at what they do to succeed.

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