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Thread: FREEBIES!!! Thank you Sponsors!

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    FREEBIES!!! Thank you Sponsors!

    These item go towards the building of the case mods.
    These items DO NOT count as part of the build cost for the Pro Modders!



    SSD Drives





    30 Subscriptions to CPU Magazine


    Leaders in Mini-ITX

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    FREEBIES!!! Thank you Sponsors!

    What is the exact products? Maybe some links?
    Thanks to the sponsors!

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    FREEBIES!!! Thank you Sponsors!

    Wow, a serious thank you to all the donations that are being provided in the contest. Those SSD's are great and would be perfect in many of the mod ideas I've seen posted here.

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    FREEBIES!!! Thank you Sponsors!

    We added a new sponsor which is Logic Supply. They have donated PICO Power Supplies for the event!

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