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Thread: Help finding hole punch

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    Help finding hole punch

    Hello, I am looking for a hole punch/die set that will punch the following:

    15mm x 15mm square - this is for an Ethernet port

    16mm x 8.5mm rectange - this is for USB ports

    Does anybody have experience with using a hole punch or die set to punch these holes?

    Any help is appreciated.



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    Help finding hole punch

    Will this be in heavy steel, light steel, aluminum..?

    Finding just those size might be a little tough, but you could use a drill and a bit that is very close to the size of the hole you want then you could use some small files to create your corners.

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    Help finding hole punch

    Light steel.

    I see that Greenlee and others have die sets to punch things like VGA and DVI, but nothing for USB or Ethernet.

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    Help finding hole punch

    Have you checked like Harbor Freight. I've seen large Punch and Die kits there. They usually aren't made directly for that purpose bot a lot of times you can find punches that are really close in the size you need.

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    Help finding hole punch

    I tried Harbor Freight. They had a limited selection.

    I did find a nice article on 14 ways to cut a square hole. I'll try a few of these.

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    Help finding hole punch

    Those holes are generally punched when the part itself is punched in the main die. I doubt you're going to find anything to work punch wise.

    For the Ethernet port I would simply drill one hole then use a small flat file to size it out and square it up. For the USB I would use two or three holes and then use a jigsaw or scroll saw to connect them followed up with at flat file to do the ends. Depending on how thick your material is, it shouldn't be to bad.

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    Help finding hole punch

    search for square die punch Submit=Find

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    Help finding hole punch

    Yarp. what AF said. Hole punches come in a billion shapes and sizes. It's all about if you have the puncher that will fit them and how hard you look.

    Personally I would take Tazz's approach as it's fairly fast and simple. but we aim to please here and you asked for a punch.

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