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Thread: Lian Li PC-888

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    Lian Li PC-888

    The latest "anniversary" for Lian-Li - I personally loved the 777 conch case and would dearly love to own one, which really isn't going to happen now. Here's the new 888 - trying to decide if it looks awesome or bloody awful.... I don't see many people having an opinion between the two extremes - this is definitely a love it or hate it, I think.... Amazingly, this monster has 2, yes thats TWO 5 1/4" bays only.....

    More Information HERE

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    Lian Li PC-888

    Looks cool but made in taiwan,more like cheap made.Mod Idea

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    Lian Li PC-888

    LOL - generally speaking "lian li" and "cheap made" are not the most compatible phrases going - you can be pretty sure it'll be well built.

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    Lian Li PC-888

    While it's definitely unique (I'll give it that much), I would liken it to the ugly retro 50's architecture that has never taken off anywhere. Surprisingly even many Europeans aren't so in favor of the 50's designs. The reason I say that is because Europeans seem to have the ability to take things and make the roughness and gaudiness disappear and make things more aesthetically pleasing even if it was something that may have originally been a bad design.
    Sadly though, even with their innovationary ideas I don't think they could even make this one pleasing.

    I was undecided about it at first but the more often I see it, the less I like it.

    Lian-Li or not , it's just plain fugly.

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    Lian Li PC-888

    different.. and obviously made to resemble that arab multi billion dollar building thats going p on that artificial island for the rich people.. cant remember exactly where.. but looks exactly ike it as it was modeled off a sail as well.

    as for my thoughts on it.. yes.. i agree its different but it doesent do anything for me.
    hate it.. no.. love it.. no.. its.. just not me.

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    Lian Li PC-888

    You mean that building in Dubai DFS?
    Yeah I agree and I don't like it very much either.

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    Lian Li PC-888

    I'm on the same page as DFStormbringer. I don't really care either way about it. I'm sure being that it's a LL that it's well made and has some great features. If someone gave it to me I'm sure I'd enjoy modding it. but I don't think I'd ever buy one.

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