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Thread: My BBQ

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    My BBQ

    Alright, here it is. If you've come to QuakeCon I'm sure you've seen my bbq. The igniter switch is wired to the fans and turns them on/off. I have a black Dell 24" in there instead of the gray 22" Westy now. The plexi with the red fans doesn't fit with my new gtx 260 b/c of the sideways power connectors, but eh. I really wanted some time off work to do some more modifications for this year, but I couldn't seem to find the time. Time to start thinking of something of next QuakeCon.

    http:[email protected]/sets/72157606679368045/

    Finished Product

    Me working on some HDD mounting plates

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    My BBQ

    Interesting and different! I like this mod Do you have a screen saver of sizzling steaks?

    Nice work mate,

    I'll have mine medium rare!!

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    My BBQ

    wow man thats sick!

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    My BBQ

    Most people just cook food in it!

    That's a nice'take (:

    Well done! (;


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    My BBQ

    I saw that. It's a pretty awesome mod. My favorite part is the LCD in the lid. Too cool!

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    My BBQ

    Sorry but I hardly had a chance to hang out in the BYOC this year, but did you put flames on the fans?

    If you look in our to section you will see a cool way to make it look like flames coming out of fans.

    Cool...err, maybe I should say hot mod!

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    My BBQ

    That is a totally hot mod and I like AF's idea of throwing in some flame type cloth over the fans.

    Best part though, you never run out of propane or natural gas.

    And the steaks, chops, dogs, chicken and pork is always done the way you want perfection I might add, according to whatever pic you display on the monitor.
    Two more benefits, completely and totally non-fattening and zero cholesterol!!!

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    My BBQ

    Interesting mod, I liked the idea of the flame cloth on the fans. I do suppose that if you could, somehow make a heat sync for all the GPU's and CPU with a large enough surface, you could actually cook something on it.
    P.S. I know its not impossible, because I've seen an xbox360 cook eggs.[/video]]Here is thew vid

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    My BBQ

    I tried using some clear pieces of plastic taped around the sides of the fans sort of as flames. It actually looked pretty good, but I'll try some tissue paper or something when i reassemble it.

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    My BBQ

    Look at the How To HERE

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