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    Console Modding

    These days Xbox 360 case modding is pretty popular, I would like to see what mods people have made. Also it would be interesting to see Play Station 3 case mods. I am thinking about buying an Xbox 360 cheap that is out of warranty and mod it. Some of the things I am thinking custom windows on the side of the case and a window in the cd-rom drive. There are so many mods out already so I would want to keep it original.

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    Console Modding

    yeah there are alot of mods out there for the 360... unfortunatly.. windows.. well.. lets face it.. the 360.. on the inside.. isent pretty.

    stick with improving the outside ashetics and youll be fine.

    as for the ps3.. its shiny surface makes modding.. difficult at best without having to really put alot of effort into it unless your an airbrush expert.. or plan on sanding everything.. repainting it all and lose all of the gloss. and from what ive seen its not all impressive to look at internally either

    likly why the decal business for the consoles and handhelds are doing so well.. cheap .. easy.. and often an improvement

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    Console Modding

    DVD Drive on my 360 is dead so I'm thinking about some kind of mod when I get around to repairing it...

    No real clue what yet tho...

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    Console Modding

    Well if you have or are doing one please post it here at M-I. I sure would like to get this sort of "case modding" going here at "Modders"-Inc.

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    Console Modding

    Time and money my friend - can't escape the fact that I hardly ever actually play games on the 360 - it's primarily a Windows Media Centre extender and a Xvid streamer for my server. Even with a duff DVD drive, it still does 90% of what I want it to do lol - I'll get Lobo and K-9-PC out of the way first - maybe in the new year though....hopefully earlier

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    Console Modding

    OH, I understand but it would be great to see some more console mods here...I mean a case mod is a case mod and I have seen some pretty kick ass console mods out there :-)

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    Console Modding

    I've been tossing around the idea of maybe getting a used one. That way I can feel safe to burn my bridges with the manufactures warranty. I've seen some top notch 360 mods though. They are getting more popular. Much like the old xbox sorta took a while but eventually there was tons of stuff for it. I'm personally a sucker for the Lian Li case. The price is too rich for my blood but I like how it look nice.

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    Console Modding

    A guy who works at my local computer shop bought one of the lian-li cases after I told him about it - he loves it to bits - says it runs so quiet now it's a huge difference to the system - couldn't recommend it enough - and as for modding - well it just blows the doors open over what you can do with the relatively cramped standard case....

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