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Thread: #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    This ION Mod idea was picked by Pro Modder Ton”TiTON” Khowdee to create. Submitted by oZEPPELINo


    I've added the newest pictures below; replacing the originals. I've also included some nice renders. Let me know what you think.

    Here's my idea for an Ion case. As you can see, each of the system components are broken into three sections for the mobo, the HDD and CD drive. This case features a striking look and an attached monitor. I believe that this type of mobility is perfect for small systems, whether it's moving it around the house, or taking it to a LAN party; the light weight and handle make it simple to transport. The case can come in either black or white. The mod was inspired by the BMW case and is designed to be the center piece of your desk. I hope all of you will post your comments and let me know what you think of the MoblIon computer system.

    Cost of parts:

    15in LCD: $100
    Blue Ray Drive: $110
    Bluetooth Adapter: $20
    Corsair RAM: FREE
    Corsair SSD: FREE
    OS: FREE
    Parts for case: $370

    Total: $500

    Note: Below I've removed the rechargeable mouse station and keyboard dock because they seemed impractical and too expensive for this type of build.

    I'm not sure how to show LED's with sketchup but envision it with several green led's.

    Check out the rest here, including the original designs:

    http:[email protected]/3770623498/in/photostream/

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    OMFG i so cannot believe this was picked?!

    congrats.. but wow.. between its monsterous size and all the lighting.. i figured it was about as opposite of "small and low power" as it got.

    definatly going to be interesting to see how it plays out once its built.. its going to make one amazing comouter for sure. but ill admit my shock at it being picked.

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    Awesome! I was hoping this was going to make it (: Grats Zeppelin!

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    Thanks od1 and congratulations to everyone! I think seeing our creations come to life is just as good of an award as the prizes. I can't begin to express how freaking stoked I am to read all of the build blogs. I'm feeling as though I'm becoming addicted to the refresh button.

    Also, each of these computers that are going to be built are eventually going to be hooked up to a monitor. Most likely this is going to be larger than the 15 inch one proposed in my design. So after you have hooked up everything for your ION experience; which will use more power? Understandably, with the others you can choose your own monitor but you loose a lot of portability; which also is an important factor in the ION concept.

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    Congratulations, I really liked your case from the start. It reminded me a lot of Unique "Edelweiss" which defiantly one of my favorite cases. This will be a very cool one to see built!

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    very nice dude, congrats on the victory

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    Congrats Zeppelin!
    You can say goodbye to the exposed wires in the concept, I'm betting.

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    Congrats Zeppelin!
    You can say goodbye to the exposed wires in the concept, I'm betting.
    Haha, we'll see Thanks everyone!

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    Hey Guys,

    There are many reasons why I picked this case to come alive. This may not be the "Smallest" design, but it does have some very strong point that will definitely help with the "Green" and strenghts of the ION platform.

    Stay tuned.. i know you guys will enjoy the results.

    - Ton

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    #417 - ION MOD by oZEPPELINo

    Truthfully I never thought of this one as a large design and would look best if kept as small a possible.

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