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Thread: Folding Software Questions

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    Folding Software Questions

    I have question about the @Home software then post it here and we can see if we can help.

    do you use any special software with [email protected] then post it here.

    Pretty much anything software base for [email protected] please put it in here.


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    Folding Software Questions

    one thing i may add is if there is any special software is to be careful. folding is carefully regulated to keep integrity. any compromises may affect the wu.
    there was one once upon a time i wished came true but didnt. stanford was looking into a program developed by berkley called boinc to add as another client as well as keeping the stand alone client in parallel. but they had too many issues during the alpha testing that didnt see light of day.

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    Folding Software Questions

    Looks like some AMD CPU's have some issues with the ProtoMol core support. And that this core is optimized for intel cpus with sse2,sse3,sse4.1 and sse4.2. the code with the sse instructions let the cpu choose the best path. while amd has sse2, it work it differently and the cpu chooses the slowest path. they have tried to correct this by using a 64bit code that forces it to use the sse2 instructions. fortunatly they are trying to resolve this issue. sucks both my systems uses amd cpus and one of them dont get any work anymore, so i just got my gpu's running, .

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    Folding Software Questions

    I have a question about the [email protected] crediting.

    I recently finished up a /500 and a /150 session but didn't get credited for either? Where did they go?

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    Folding Software Questions

    Hopefully you got the right team How long ago was this? Sometimes there is an issue with the [email protected] servers and it may take a day or two to upload.

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    Folding Software Questions

    At least a week or two ago. I figured I'd give it some time in case there was an issue with the server or something.

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    Folding Software Questions

    looks like you got credited with a75 pts on the 2nd, and 7 on the 3rd.

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    Folding Software Questions


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    Folding Software Questions

    And it looks like someone (who shall remain nameless) turned their Folding rig back on reciently....

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    Folding Software Questions

    :wink: An unused CPU is a wasted CPU .

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