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Thread: Hello All

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    Hello All

    Thought I'd say hello and introduce myself.

    I go by Dooglo, but my name is Doug. I've been bitten by the bug, computer modding. I've watched a lot the people on this forum and many others do extremely awesome work. I'm very impressed with everyones ideas and thought that goes into their projects.

    That's it, I'll talk to you all some other time. Hi. Bye.


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    Hello All


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    Hello All

    Welcome to Modders-Inc... Let us know if we can help you in any way.

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    Hello All

    Thanks. Sure will.


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    Hello All

    welcome welcome.

    some great friendly people ere.. and its wonderfull to have another dedicated builder here.

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    Hello All

    Welcome to the addictio...erm... "fun"! (yeah... fun... that's tha ticket!)

    Lots of good brains to pick here so if you have questions, ask away!

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    Hello All

    Welcome aboard!

    There is a lot to see here and a lot to talk about so have fun!

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