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Thread: PC Mod or Case Mod

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    PC Mod or Case Mod

    Hey guys I need everyones help. I am working on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Modders-Inc.

    When you go searching for mods what do you use to search with and what word(s) do you tend to use when looking for mods.

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    PC Mod or Case Mod

    case mod modification customization case painting case lighting computer lights LED CCFL blowhole, cooling extreme computer .... stuff like that....

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    PC Mod or Case Mod

    A search by Case model (ex: Xclio A380, CoolerMaster HAF 922, Custom, ect...) would be nice. Case Mod vs Custom case. Tower size. Material (ex: Carbon fiber, Acrylic, Aluminum, ect...)

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    PC Mod or Case Mod

    Right now, on my PC, Modders-Inc comes up 11th on searches for both PC Mod and PC Mods.

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    PC Mod or Case Mod

    Yup -- "PC Mods" cmes up 11, "PC mod" comes up 12, and "PC Modding" we are top 5.

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    PC Mod or Case Mod


    So does anyone search using the term "case mods" or am I the only one that does that?

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    PC Mod or Case Mod

    I think people who are familiar with modding search phrases like 'case mods' or 'modding' or 'case modding' while those looking to learn might be more inclined to search 'computer modding' or 'custom computer cases'.

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    PC Mod or Case Mod

    Also, if you want to rank high, you need to get in bed with some high pr sites if you want to grabs google serps for certain phrases or keywords. Adding it to your keyword list won't really help anymore. You need solid back-links that use those phrases to link to you. Via blogs, high ranking sites etc...

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