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Thread: Newsletter?

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    Hey out there would anyone be interested in a Modders-Inc newsletter?

    It wont be one of those that get sent out 1000 times a month, but just for special events and such. Like if we know of another pc modding contest or if are doing a giveaway...stuff like that.

    It is just an idea and if there is not much interest then I can toss that one to the side.

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    I'd like to know!

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    Is a great idea bro!

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    Sounds like a great idea to me. Why not post a poll?

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    Done. Look at the top of the thread.

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    Hmm... 110 views of the post and only 5 votes ....OK who voted no and why? I would like to kn ow the pros and cons of doing this as we have not done this before.


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    yes here.

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    I voted yes, but honestly I think most of the people that voted yes (including me) are probably the least likely to get much of value out of a newsletter. We read the forums daily (at least I do) and are semi active.

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    It only to me a year but I have finally created a way to allow you to subscribe to a newsletter.

    Take a look to the left and under the Connect with M-I block you will find it.

    I am working on what will go into it and how often it will be updated... hopefully that wont take me another anyways if you to give it a shot it is real easy to do.

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    I think it makes perfect sense. Liek fus, I am on here quite a bit reading pretty much everything I have time for but it would be nice ot have a newsletter that trunicates the information and then if we want to see more we can go to that part of the site.

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