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Thread: System Builders

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    System Builders


    Can anyone purchace, and use a Microsoft OEM System Builder License?

    Instead of building a system for someone (customer), and do it for your self?

    Reason why I ask is because NewEgg has Win 7 System Bulder OS's for cheaper than regular. Why can't I purchase that if I wanted and build a new system for myslef and install OS?



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    System Builders

    quick and easy....

    Yes you can!

    You will be breaking the EULA, but who doesn't... LOL

    You can see the Windows 7 OEM pricing here and it is much cheaper.

    I am looking at getting the Pro Version of the OEM as the Ulitimate, IMHO, is still not worth even the OEM price.

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    System Builders

    Hey thanks Freak.


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    System Builders

    You usually qualify for OEM licensing when you are purchasing hardware for a system. In some places, you buy a motherboard, that is all you have to do to qualify for a system builder's purchase.

    You just have to be able to look like you are purchasing it for a system you are building, and normally surrounding the purchase wit h a couple components will allow you to do that.

    That is how New Egg does it.

    That is how Fry's Electronics does it.

    And that is how you can do it!

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    System Builders

    That's the only way I do it normally. However, with my wife enrolled in school I she got me software with a student discount which is unbelievable. So this time I didn't have to do that. Normally though I do it and don't worry about it.

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    System Builders

    So, as long as I purchase some hardware that is somehow linked to MS and qualifies with the OS, then I should be fine. Right?


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    System Builders

    The hardware doesn't have to be linked to MS at all.

    A lot of places used to sell the OEM licenses with a molex splitter cable to get around the hardware requirement. The strictest places say you have to buy the core of a system, so some combination of CPU/Mobo/PSU etc.

    speaking of student discounts... Engineers get windows stuff for free at my campus. =D

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    System Builders

    I do think that it depends on the retailer IF you have to buy another piece of hardware. I just went through newegg and placed it in my cart went through the steps and it said nothing about "buying" anything more to qualify for the OEM version.

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    System Builders

    Hmmm. Thanks guys. You have me using my noodle now. OEM or Retail? Price says OEM, but moving OS to another or should I say updated system says Retail.

    Question? Which would you do?


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    System Builders

    I bought OEM personally -- I never had any trouble moving it around systems (back in Win2k days) and the only one I bought since then is XP which has happily resided on the same piece of hardware since. Reinstalled 4-5 times with no trouble.

    You can "Upgrade" over an OEM license, but in general I avoid upgrading at all possible. I would say just go OEM.

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