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Thread: Possible dead video card?

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    Possible dead video card?

    Hi people, I have a 4870 video card that I have been using for a little while now and all was good untill I decided to add it to my current water cooling loop. After buying what was needed and then installing it I have had problems with it since the first water cooled boot up. Keep seeing random blocks of white at various parts of the screen which change whenever it goes to a new screen.

    Don't know much bout vid cards but I think this one is now dead (hope not), maybe someone could shed some light on it.


    Pics of screen at random boot points:

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    Possible dead video card?

    Have you considered reinstaling the cooler?
    I had something alil diffrent from that, I reinstalled the CPU's cooler and it fixed it, HOW?, Beats me

    No harm in trying I guess :?

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    Possible dead video card?

    I didn't try that yet as reinstalling the original cooler would mean pulling off the ram heatsinks that I just bought for it which have one time use thermal tape, if all else fails then I will try it and let you know what happens but for now I will wait to see if there is any other ideas before I do that.


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    Possible dead video card?

    did you try swapping out cables and outputs? Try VGA output or the other DVI port etc.

    My 7800gt does that every once in a while on a reboot after I installed an aftermarket cooler. Only about 1 in 20 times though.

    Also randomly bluescreens with a nvidia driver listed.

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    Possible dead video card?

    Hi Fusion, I just tried swapping from dvi to vga and even with a new vga cable I still have the same problem.

    Something I forgot to post was that when I turn my computer on there is normally a 2 - 3 second delay before my monitor recognizes the signal, now it is about 7 - 8 seconds before it receives the signal from my video card.

    Luckily for me I still have my ancient X1950 pro card that I am using now as my mobo does not have onboard graphics.

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    Possible dead video card?

    Seeing that this is from the first boot after applying the water cooling to the card, I would re-seat the water cooling block and make sure its making proper contact at all points, if it still persists I would then remove the water cooling block and try the stock cooler again.

    There is always the chance something got hosed during the blocks installation.

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    Possible dead video card?

    Just put the stock cooler back on and still the same prob. Only thing I can think of is maybe during the waterblock installation I might have flexed the board and caused some kind of micro crack some where or mabye I didn't ground myself enough and gave it a zap without realizing it.

    In any case it seems I will have to shop for another video card. I have a couple of questions about that but I will start a new thread for it.

    If anyone has other ideas of a possible fix please chime in as it will be a couple of weeks before I can buy a new card so there is still time.

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    Possible dead video card?

    Does it do it right away or after a few minutes of running?

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    Possible dead video card?

    Right away at post.

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    Possible dead video card?


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