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Thread: video card spec's questions.

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    video card spec's questions.

    Hi, looking to get a new video card or maybe 2 to hook together and had a couple of questions.

    1. when it comes to the bits (64, 128, 256), does it make a major difference in real world performance? and if mybe not then would I get the same performance from 2 vid cards with 128 bit versus 1 vid card at 256?

    2. I see various cards bring up Stream Processors, is there a minimum amount that I should look for?

    3. brand names, I see a 5770 for $154 HERE and another 5770 with what looks like about the same specs for $199 Here. Does the brand name make that much of a difference? Also the second one has slightly higher clocks, see next question.

    4. Is it worth spending for example $45 extra for a card with slightly higher clocks or will it be wiser to save the money and just overclock the slightly lower clocked card to match it?

    5. At what point would it be better to run with 2 medium to high vid cards versus 1 really high end video card?

    Sorry about all the questions but I don't know much about video cards.


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    video card spec's questions.

    I'm going to go in random order, so here goes:

    My personal preference would say if you're buying completely new graphics cards (IE switching brands --nvida/ati or or generations 48xx/58xx) Going with a single higher powered card, because crossfire/sli are complicated and don't scale as well as you'd think -- and you can always buy another copy of the higher powered card later and skip a generation of upgrades. Another reason I like single card setups is the relative cheapness of the single card motherboards compared to sli/crossfire enabled boards.

    XFX costs more even at the exact same performance level because they offer great accessory packages, and also their double lifetime warranty, which means you can sell the card and the new owner gets a valid warranty too! This means you can resell the card for more money later, because you can guarantee your buyer won't complain when the card (randomly) explodes 2 weeks after they get it.

    As for the 45mhz clock difference, it really depends on your preference. I usually like to keep my warranties intact so often times buying the factory overclocked cards is a better value for me. You have to check the warranty offered on the cards you're interested in and make your own decision.

    For bits, I'm assuming you are referring to the memory bandwidth. This part is very dependent on what you're doing with the card. Basically for high resolution (1650x1050 and up) you are probably going to notice the difference between 256 and 128, but if you're limited to 1280x1024 or even 1024x768, the difference it makes will be negligible.

    Stream processor counts follow the general rule of more is better, but are only directly comparable if all other things are constant. IE a card with a much higher clock speed and bigger memory buss can outperform a card that has more stream processors.

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    video card spec's questions.

    Thanks fusion.

    One last question, I have heard of the concept of bottle necks on system specs limiting the capabalities of video cards from reaching their max potential, does it seem like I may be limited on just so high end of a card I should go with due to bottle necks in my system?

    My specs:

    cpu - quad core q6600 @3.6 .

    ram - 8 gigs pc6400. (not oc'd)

    mobo - GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45.

    psu - 750 watt.

    hard drive - 4x 250 wd in raid 0.

    os - windows 7 64bit and 32 bit.


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    video card spec's questions.

    looks like you'd be fine unless you're contemplating laying money down for a gtx295 or multiple 58xx series cards ( 2560x1600 monitor or two ).

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